This is Rasa. Welcome to your meditation. Take a moment to ensure that you are in a
quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Find yourself a comfortable position lying
down. Once you are settled, close your eyes and
place your hands on your belly. Begin by taking a series of deep, slow, relaxing
breaths. Encourage your breath to flow all the way
down into your stomach. Feel this area filling with air and then softening
as the air is released on the out-breath. Notice the rise and fall of your belly under
your hands. With every inhalation, draw your attention
inward and away from the outer world. With every exhalation, feel yourself settling
further into the body. Now slowly take your hands off your belly
and return them to a resting position. Gently allow your breathing to return to its
natural, soft pattern. If at any point you find that your mind has
wandered, this is perfectly normal. And it happens to everyone. In these moments, gently guide your attention
back to the part of your body we will be exploring, then continue to follow the sensations that
you find there. You are now going to move your attention slowly
though your body. This is a time to enjoy exploring all of the
sensations that are present. Concentrate your attention on the very top
of your head. Can you feel any sensations in your scalp? Is there any tingling in this area? Are you aware of the touch of your hair against
your skin? Simply be curious about everything you are
feeling in that area. Expand your awareness to include the sides
of your head and your ears. What do you sense in these areas? Are you aware of any warmth or coolness? Moving round to your the front of your face,
notice your eyes. Can you feel the weight of your eyelids are
resting on them? As you breathe in and out, feel the cool air
coming into your nose, and the warm air flowing out of your nose. Notice the feeling of your lips as they rest
together. Let your face and all the facial muscles gently
soften as you move your attention through them. Now feel the full weight of your head. Observe the heaviness of your head where it
touches the surface. Move your awareness down from the head into
the neck and shoulders. Consider how the neck holds your head in place
every single day. This is an area of great strength. Notice any sensations here. Feel the support of the surface underneath
your shoulder blades. There is so much to discover when you are
present in your body. There may be spots where you cannot feel anything. This is fine too – there is no right or wrong. You are exploring the body to find out what
is there. This is a time to be with yourself fully,
and to nurture a connection with all the sensations that make up your experience. Move your attention down through the shoulders
and along your arms. Notice any sensations in the joints, in the
elbows, in the wrists. How does the surface of your skin feel? Shift your awareness into your hands. Your hands have held so many things in them. How do your palms feel? Do you feel any subtle energy flow through
it? There is much to experience within the vast
landscape of your body. Observe your fingers, the miraculous tools
that allow you to carry out so many different tasks. Now expand out your awareness to include the
whole of your torso. Feel your chest and your ribcage, your belly
and your back. Observe any feelings of lightness or of heaviness. Notice any sensations of pulsing or tingling. Feel how your breath moves continuously in
and out of this area. Rest your attention on your heart. Be with the movement of your heartbeat – its
rhythm is always there with you. Feel the whole of your ribcage covering, hugging
your heart. Feel the ribs expanding on the in-breath,
and reduce on the out breath. Allow your body to melt further into relaxation,
completely rested and totally supported by the surface underneath you. Feel the lower back, the hip bones
and the groin area. Notice any sensations of temperature here. Feel the lower back and any energy shifts
or movement there. Be present in your sensations, and feel content
in the simplicity of noticing and observing. Slowly move your attention down into your
thighs. Become aware of the weight of your powerful
thigh muscles. Do you feel any buzzing or pulsing sensations? Notice any feelings present in the knee joints. Move your awareness into the lower legs, feeling
the bones, muscles and skin here. As you explore these areas, your approach
is one of gentleness and curiosity. Now you are reaching your ankles. Rest your attention here for a little while. Do you feel stillness in this area? Once again, simply notice the presence or
absence of any sensations. Now bring your awareness into your feet, with
their amazing design that allows you to move through the world every day. Feel the soles of your feet and the tough
bones of your heels. Let your attention be with them completely. Feel grateful for the grounding that your
feet offer you. Stretch your awareness into every single one
of your toes, and explore whatever you can find here. You have now completed a journey of great
curiosity through the whole of your body. Be grateful for the time that you have made
for yourself, and the multitude of new sensations that you
have discovered. As we come to the end of this meditation,
gradually bring your attention back to the surface of your body. Begin to be aware of your wider surroundings. Remember the space that you are in. Wiggle your toes and fingers, and gently stretch
your body if this feels right for you. Now open your eyes and welcome yourself back,
balanced and relaxed.