Cupping has been a part of Chinese
medicine for as long as anyone can remember but it goes back much further.
As far as 5,000 BC and is used primarily to lift the tissue. Lifting the tissue is
effective in much the same way that myofascial release is effective in that
it loosens the fascia, it relaxes muscular tension, and improves function. It certainly
adds another dimension and another aspect to separating the tissue by lifting them.
It’s also wonderful for helping to break up scar tissue. Cupping can leave marks
on the skin but it doesn’t hurt. You can think of them as hickeys and they’ll go
away in about two or three days. Cupping is an add-on to your normal massage so you
will need to specifically request this special service. If you have any
questions or would just like to see our facility, consultations are at no charge. We
invite you to call us here at Creek Stone at 806-355-3000 to get started today. What
can we do to make you feel better?