– Welcome to Meditate with Marisa. Today we’re going to meditate on being grateful for every day. Gratitude is the highest frequency
that you can resonate at, and when you resonate at
the frequency of gratitude, you can make every day a great day. You see, things don’t have to
be perfect to make every day a beautiful day, you have
to be in that frequency that every day is beautiful. It’s raining, your cat’s
just thrown up on the floor, your kid’s having a meltdown,
it can still be a great day and you have the power to
make every day a great day. You don’t go over there to a great day, you allow a great day to be in you. And when every day is a
great day, it really changes your energy, changes your
life, it changes everything. So let’s begin, and remember, these are what I call nicer meditations. They are new, they are innovative. They allow you to impress
by touching your third eye what it is that you really
want, to instruct and to instal in to your mind what
your heart’s desire is, to code in and to call in what
you really really require, to erase and eliminate
old beliefs and to repeat and to rewire yourself because your mind is
designed to be rewired. So I’m going to ask you
to impress, gonna ask you to hold something that would represent peace or a perfect day. Maybe a crystal, maybe a photograph of what living in gratitude would be. You don’t have to have these props, but they help make it real
because we change twice. We change first in our mind
and then in our reality. So a prop of being grateful
for every day is a great thing. And finally, I will ask
you to just do that. It may sound silly, but you’re releasing, you are erasing, eradicating,
eliminating old beliefs so you can rewire, impress and
instal new and exciting ones and then every day is a great day. Let’s get started. You’re beginning a
beautiful guided meditation and it’s wonderful and it’s
safe and it’s restoring. It’s a calm, meditative state of mind and there is nothing for you
to do except relax and enjoy. So make yourself comfortable
and just breathe in, just take a deep breath in. And breathe out. And again, take another
deep breath, breathe in. Breathe out. And as you give a breath, that’s right, give that breath away. Take one back. Take a breath in, take a breath. Take, take, take that breath. That’s it. Now give it all away. And see that balance, you
are giving, receiving. Giving your breath away,
receiving a breath back. Giving it away and receiving it back because now you have balance. Beautiful, perfect balance. And in this beautiful,
perfect balance that you have, you’re beginning to understand
that you have the power to make every day a
beautiful day, a perfect day. And how do you make
every day a perfect day? That’s very easy. You start every day with gratitude. You wake up and go, “It’s
another day, a brand new day.” Every day, you get a chance
to start all over again. Gratitude is the highest
frequency to resonate at and when you feel gratitude
for the simple things, when you feel gratitude for little things, you are training your mind to be grateful. So imagine waking up
tomorrow and being grateful that you have a bed, a
pillow, lovely sheets, that you have somewhere
comfortable to sleep. Imagine being grateful
that you have hot water and fragrance in the shower that you like. Imagine being grateful and
savouring your first coffee, really enjoying every
sip, savouring your tea. Savouring the fact that you have a home. Savouring the fact that
you have a job to go to, children to feed or pack
off to school who love you. And it may sound a little
bit Pollyanna but who cares? It works. The more you can move into grateful, “I’m so grateful I have a
home, a job, food to eat, “a place to sleep, someone that
loves me, somewhere to go.” If you have someone to
love, something to do and somewhere to go, your life is already someone else’s fantasy dream
come true, so think about that. Someone in the world thinks
your life is their fantasy. They would swap places with you tomorrow. Think about what you would
have given 20 years ago for the problems you have today. Your kids are messy,
your boss is difficult, your job takes a lot of your time. What would you have given 20 years ago for what’s going on today? And that’s another way to be grateful. And every day I want you to
remember someone else somewhere would swap places with you in a heartbeat, that you wouldn’t swap places with them because you’re beginning to
see that you are so grateful for where you are, for what you’ve got and for where you’re going. When you can feel at peace about the past or forgive the past, when you can feel good about the present, grateful for the present and really excited about the future, then you will resonate at
that frequency of gratitude. So let’s think about now
all the things that you have to be grateful for. You live in a free country. Just by being born where you were born, you’re in an advantageous position. You live in a free country. You have food to eat. You have somewhere to live
and love is all around you and the more grateful you
are for where you are, the more you will go to more love. And the more you’re
grateful for where you are, the more you will have to be grateful for. So take a moment now and think about what you are grateful for. Imagine you are making a mental checklist. Grateful for the fact that you
were born, that you’re you, that you have your health, that
you live in a free country, that you have choices that you can make. Grateful that you’re free. Grateful that you’re you. And now take your finger,
two fingers and press the spot in between your eyebrows
and I want you to impress upon your mind that you wish
to live in that frequency of gratitude all the time. Impress upon yourself, “I am ready to live at that
frequency of gratitude” because you are. You are ready right now to live, to resonate at that frequency
of gratitude every day. I want you to instruct your
mind that what you want, what you insist on, what
you require of yourself is to resonate at that frequency
of gratitude every day. I want you to instal that into your mind. Impress, instruct, instal
into you the desire, the commitment, the resolution
to resonate every day at that frequency of gratitude. Because you see, we change twice. The first change is the
change you make in your mind when you make a decision. And decision, you know what that means? It means to cut off from. So you make a decision. And then you change physically
as you start to operate from the decision you have
made today to operate always from gratitude, and when you
make a decision to change, all kinds of things come your way. Things you couldn’t even
imagine, they all begin from the decision you
made right here, right now to always operate from that
frequency of gratitude. So go ahead, call in what you have decided to be grateful for, code it into yourself. You can say it out loud. “I’m grateful for…” Finish that sentence. “I’m so grateful for…” Finish that. “I’m always grateful for…” “I’m eternally grateful for…” “I’m even more grateful for…” And every time you’re doing
this beautiful meditation, you’re remembering so many
things to be grateful for and that list just gets longer and longer and it feels even more joyful. You have so much to be grateful for and the more you become
grateful, the more you notice even more things to be grateful for. And you are now vibrating, resonating at the highest frequency. So as you instruct, instal,
impress, code in and call in, I want you to sway from side to side. And as you sway, you are erasing,
eradicating, eliminating, releasing those old habits of complaining, comparing and dissatisfaction
because they don’t serve you. They don’t change anything,
they don’t make anything right. They take you away from
where you could be, grateful, happy, peaceful, calm, positive to complaining and moaning. So erase, eradicate, eliminate, release and let go as you sway. From being ungrateful,
release in gratitude. Erase ungratefulness,
eradicate ungratefulness, just let it go, let it
go, let it go, let it go. And as you let it go, instal into yourself being grateful for so much and how good it feels to be grateful. It makes you a better
parent, a better employer, a better employee, a better
friend, a better lover. It makes the whole world a better place. So just go deeper, really
feeling that feeling of gratefulness and being
grateful that you resonate at that level of
gratefulness, having gratitude that you resonate at that
frequency of gratitude. And every day is a better day. It doesn’t matter about
the weather or the traffic or the in-tray or the mess. It only matters that you,
in everything you do, in everything you think and say and every way you act and react, always come from that beautiful
frequency of gratitude. And as you do that, every
day is a beautiful day. Every day is a perfect day. Every day is amazing. Every day is a day to be grateful for because you are grateful for every day. You are grateful, you live in gratitude. It’s not even what you
do, it’s who you are. So knowing it, feeling it and
feeling grateful for that. So many things to be grateful for. I’m so grateful that you’re here with me, learning to vibrate at the
best, highest frequency of all. And now you can stay in this state for as long as you want
to because after all, that list of things to be grateful for, it’s so long, so ever-growing. And you can stay, keep
adding to that list. Or you can come back
to your full awareness. Just open your eyes and
be grateful, as I am, that we did this beautiful
meditation together and tomorrow we’ll do it all over again. See you tomorrow.