Hien Van Spa hello all Everybody Thank you for watching the video and supporting Hien. This is a really big inflammation You saw last time this acne was very hard, Today, after applying the medicine, it has blanket a lot The acne is really big After once acne treatment customers have greatly reduced Let’s move to the right cheek Hien will get acne first You see no hidden acne so much hunger The legs are very deep and long Hien get acne without swelling, redness This guy works on building very thick and dry skin After taking acne, Spa will run nourishing recovery to increase collagen With this skin Hien took twice to get rid of acne two clumps of acne grow so close together that if one lumps up, it is very contagious all the inflammation that the client prides itself has smooth inside When we have acne, we must always clean our skin Wash your face with a little foaming cleanser, twice a day If you have any allergies, go to the doctor for examination and medication Then find a reputable beauty salon or spa to get acne and then restore the skin to be healthy, Allergy skin will be very weak need good nutrients and use machines to put in he effect will be higher than applied by hand. avoid leaving large pores or pitted scars,void leaving large pores or pitted scars, Treatment of these conditions will cost a lot of money Thank you for watching the video and supporting Hien We move to the forehead Thank you for watching the video and supporting Hien.