Treat exposure skin corticoich part 2 Her skin is too heavy it is bottle very difficult to take acne It is not as easy to take as someone else’s acne Although it is very small, it is very hard externally it has no acne but a lot inside As long as you leave a tiny bit it will inflame No matter how much you squeeze, just leave a tiny pimple like pepper will inflame it Your customers’ acne is not big but mostly Hien said Her skin is heavy because she uses it Acne creams, whitening creams so it makes the skin cuticles so weak It no longer has the elasticity of the epidermis above For such skin conditions acne treatment requires a skilled person Very good workmanship other cases of acne we took very easy And this one, Hien is very difficult to get You can see that it’s very hard Why Hien take is like this Hien doesn’t want these acne to spread she treated package side Hien Hien must first commit to the quality When I do, it is imperative to give clear results to customers After treatment, Hien Van Spa commits to have warranty permanent warranty It means when you have some acne back then the spa will mold for you free Hien’s mission is to bring customers a beautiful skin You look at the surface of the skin clearly without acne but there are a lot of acne inside This acne is not big, but Hien wants to livestream these pathological cases It’s not just the scary new acne on the surface This is just a skin prone to inflammatory acne If we not take it all away, it is easy to leave a scar from acne it scars very quickly I have to choose carefully Hien take had to be so careful There are a lot of acne under the skin but I can’t take it out every one of her pores has acne Normally acne head will be soft but her is very hard Can you see it? If the acne head is soft, it will be easy to take Can you see black blood? cases of acne like this make Hien sweat because acne is very bottle, hard It’s out, guys It’s still a bit below It’s still a bit below Hien has to take it out Normally we just get a little above and deep down there will be a little Hien will let her apply medicine then take it again if you try take not to it will burst fort circuit underneath it remains with Hien taking it even though it didn’t go away, it was still not swollen Do you know why not normally you take it not all it will swell But Hien will take it without any swelling These are very hard parts when the acne is inflamed underneath like this it is very hot on the face The conditions like this Hien will directly treatment customer Currently you do not have a lot of acne but have not found reputable treatment or you haven’t had a chance to experience it yet with Hien Van’s service In case you have acne a lot You will receive a free voucher to try it out also for customers with less acne You will have a voucher of 99k Applicable for first time customers to spa Let you give yourself a chance Find a reputable method and spa to take care of your skin So much lag when you have severe acne Hien Ask why not go to acne early You all answered: go get treatment Go to the doctor, … and lose a lot of money but don’t know where is a reputable spa I just watched the ad and then went to that spa The treatment process did not work so I was discouraged when you treat acne do not believe ads to where you have to listen to advice carefully Then you decide to treat If it’s a prestigious place When treating you, acne must be reduced decrease immediately after the first treatment That’s how you really feel it places with good technology After squeeze, it will not swell red however, it will be a little rosy to you this customer overnight it will disappear Look at her acne density inside there are many but her skin is no longer elastic now without elasticity it will be difficult to push acne away it is very deep inside When elastic, it helps to push acne up but her skin is no longer elastic when acne it goes deep inside Her skin collagen fibers are no longer elastic When you squeeze acne it won’t come out It loses the elasticity of the skin so acne is not pushed out if anyone has healthy skin but have blackheads, hidden acne like this we take care of the skin for about a month or two Two to three weeks when you apply the medication but it sticks out and you can make it yourself that is, the acne is not deep below For you this customer is deep down Her collagen fibers are no longer elastic Today Hien takes this section and she will find it less lumpy Can you see how hard it is? Hien is trying to get this acne A lot is below Can you see this acne? It was bottle After molding, Hien will run stem cells for her The next time this acne will go away Hien takes it very slowly, do not hurt on surface Do you know why Hien take acne without dark spots? because Hien doesn’t scratch the epidermis much The acne is really big I didn’t scratch the wound It has no elasticity Every pore has acne it bottle and darken This is a difficult case Those of you who Hien have taken acne will feel Hien take very quickly Those of you who Hien have taken acne will feel Hien take very quickly or difficult cases Hien will take slowly Hien is slowly taking pimples inside her pores Many acne sufferers think it is hormonal, should not go to treatment Why not let yourself find a reputable spa to treat and care for your skin so that you don’t feel complexity about your acne-prone skin All acne are hormonal but also possible we treat it all to ̣90% Why not give yourself a chance to get rid of acne After your treatment at Hien Van spa will have a warranty card Hien will help you all acne up to 90% definitely 10% sometimes when the month comes, eat hot spicy food we will have some acne Hien will give you a warranty once a month Hien likes to say acne can not go away 100% means after the end of treatment it will be 100% gone but after about a month we eat and drink Especially our daughter will get some acne every month or because you eat hot spicy, stress, or you stay up late so sometimes there will be some acne This acne, Hien just inched it out a bit These are pimples bottle it’s sunken but still has acne inside You can see this area is sunken pus inside Hien is preparing to dodge because of this acne it will shoot This acne will go down the next time