Hi, I’m Derek with thehealthytrucker.net.
Today I’m gonna show you an exercise called V-Ups that you can do out on the road any
time, any where. All you need is a medicine ball, yoga matt. Let’s go ahead and lay back
on the matt, make sure our head is nice and supported under this cushiony-stuff. It’s
a lot better than the concrete or the asphalt. You’re going to bring your legs up, and your
hands up and you don’t really need a whole lot of movement here. Just try to create that
V shape, and bring it together. Extend out as straight as you can, and really try to
isolate that area. Again, sometimes you’ll catch yourself moving a little too much, but
not really much is needed make sure you’re not swinging yourself, you’re just trying
to isolate that ab area. So this is a great exercise to start building some strength in
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