I am Diana Ralys. The owner of Radiance Wellness Spa in Santa Monica CA I am also a developer of Diana Ralys Skin Health products Biostimulation Crystal massage tutorial we will be using Rose Quartz Crystal Massagers available for purchase at www.DRskinhealth.com we have number of products that we can
use with these crystals. We have Manuka Manuka Treatment Oil Specialty Blend Oil Radiance Skin oil and I always like to
enhance the treatments as much as possible at the spa for clients and for
myself at home as well. The crystals
stimulate the cell rejuvenation promote the product penetration so why not
to add few extra serums in addition to the Specialty Blend Oil, we will also use oxygen
plasma as well as Ultimate Regenerating Serum serum you can use any of my serums the Ultimate Regenerating Serum contains 5 serums in 1 Peptide, Stem Cell, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Specialty Blend, Oxygen Plasma + DPHP spray some Oxygen Plasma Apply the Ultimate
Regenerating Serum Apply Specialty Blend Oil the left of the oil always goes on my
hands and my arms Start with larger part of the crystal crystals are known to amplify our energy energy so we have more stimulation and
more cell rejuvenation Circular movement at the base of the neck 6 circles on each spot move up and continue doing the circles move to right behind the ear and do 6 circles and then you’re gonna move just
underneath the chin oval movement pushing up on the jaw line now we’re going in front of the ear. Oval movement now the temple now move onto forehead you could do circles and then circles
it’s up to you it’s giving me wall over the lift now work with the smaller side and we’re
gonna work around the lips and the eyes corners of the lips to massage out
smile lines under the eyes be gentle of course under the eyes slide to eliminate some puffiness upper lid right above the
eyeball it’s up to you what pressure you’re
gonna use last step let’s
release all the tension switch to the larger side gently glide ask us any questions by e-mailing [email protected] email address that is given on the
website website drskinhealth.com or RadianceWellnessSpa.com we ship all these products used in this massage and more free email consultations [email protected] This is Diana Ralys. Have a beautiful day! Until next time