Hi there and welcome to this episode of
Victoria Fragrance with me Victoria. Today I’m reviewing Rose Fine Fragrance
Mist from Bath and Body Works. First I’m going to spray on my skin and then on a
strip and then test it against two other roses that I have. Two sprays
on my skin and two sprays on the strip, so give that a few seconds to dry down.
I’ll put the lid back on, let’s see where we go. Alright so on the strip it
smells like a beautiful wet rose, you know after a rain has passed through, it
smells really nice so one of those roses that’s just you know opened up
beautifully for the rain and it accepts all that water and it smells really
lovely so it just opened up really nicely, on my skin it’s still kind of
drying there, I can see where it’s still wet there although I did spray quite
close. It smells like a beautiful rose but it’s more of a
sweet sugary rose, there’s almost a soapiness to this too. Now on the description
from Bath & Body Works it says there’s jasmine petals, also a creamy musk, now I
imagine that the mask and the jasmine will dry down and you’ll pick those up a
little bit later on because it depends on your skin as well. Sometimes it takes
a while for things to come out so maybe 30 minutes to an hour is when you’ll smell
the next level of the fragrances that are in a particular formulation. But
right now I’m getting mostly the rose, and the sweetness has dissipated a
bit which that’s a good thing because I’m not a fan of anything that’s overly
sweet. Usually I wouldn’t give anything a chance because as soon as I smell it if it
smells sweet but if I know I already like a type of fragrance I will give it a
chance, so I do have to say I do like the Rose Fine Fragrance Mist from Bath &
Body Works. I’ll compare it with another rose that I have that’s used for perfumery
which is Dorinia. It kind of smells like the dorinia to
me, so I don’t know if they’ve used the actual dorinia in their formulation and
this other rose that I have is a rose water it’s used for cooking, but sometimes
I’ve used it on my skin on my face as an astringent. Now this rose smells more
like the rose of you know a lovely rain that has passed through also, and it’s
accepted all that lovely water from a fine
and watery misty rainy day, that’s the type of rose that this particular rose water
smells like. In comparison, just opening that up like that and smelling it, it smells
really nice and really really soft, so I would say I don’t think that you can
go wrong with buying Rose Fine Fragrance Mist from Bath and Body Works and I do
know that they have a whole line of products so if you are into all the
whole lineup of the products that they have from the plugins to the lotions and
everything you can’t go wrong with buying this so I will see you on the
next video where I will be doing a another fragrance review. Please take
care, thumbs up and subscribe and all that lovely good stuff. I will see you