These are the hand one so you go in and
you can provide and you can go deep into the muscles with these so it’s kind of
good because you’re going in there and as the warm bamboo goes in you can
actually press on to the fascia and relieve that tension. So the big
bamboo it’s great for the kneading and you can just go on.
Sounds like kneading dough but what it does it’s actually releasing everything
in there…all the tightness that you may have in that muscle relax. One of
the beauties of this bamboo is that it actually holds heat much longer than an
actual hot stone. Same benefits better lasting and you can last the entire hour
for the massage with the bamboo sticks and you can use this on any part of the
body. You can fan it out – definitely stretch out the fascia. And it doesn’t
have to have any pain. You can actually go deep into the muscles which is when I would use the smaller one and I can actually go in
and release any point in a muscle It actually helps at the end
of the session so when you’re doing the tapping on the body it just releases
any gaps that you have at the end and it just relaxes as the body. Overall
it’s a very light, that’s what the cushions are for. so as you’re going on
there, on the body, it just lets it go!