Hi everybody! It has been a while since my last video. Since my last Favorites
definitely. So if you you’ve been wondering what I’ve
been up to, here is an update. Halloween happened. For those of you who don’t follow me on other
social media platforms and may not have seen this, here is my costume! I was Miranda Sings from right here on YouTube. My boyfriend was Drake from the Hotline Bling
video. And… guys… actual Drake. Like 15.9 million
followers Drake liked his Halloween costume on Instagram. No big deal. Um, I definitely had a major fangirl moment
that entire night and I’ve pretty much been talking about it
ever since. Let’s see. What else have I been up to? I’ve been working on a super secret gigantic
launch for Gothic Lolita Wigs. Although I guess if it’s super secret, I probably shouldn’t tell you any more about
it. Actually, I probably shouldn’t have even told
you that. Oops! Okay, moving on! I filmed a brand new collaboration video which
will actually be the first collaboration video on my channel
ever! Both of our videos will go up on Thanksgiving, although they actually have absolutely nothing
to do with Thanksgiving at all. It’s actually just a random date that we picked. But hey! It’ll give you something to look
forward to while you awkwardly sit around with your families
with nothing else to do. New collaboration coming soon. If you’re not from the US, that is going to
be on Thursday, November 26. So… look out for that video? Okay, and so that brings us to now. A Favorites
video! The first one since August. I guess it’s time to downgrade monthly favorites
to “Whenever I feel like it and have enough cool
new stuff to show you guys” Favorites? Let’s call this Autumn Favorites. Let’s go! Longest intro ever. Sorry guys! So usually I end my Favorites videos with
my favorite YouTuber, but since it’s been a while and I’ve spent
most of my free time in these past few months watching these guys, I think they deserve the top spot. If you follow me on Twitter, I’m sure you
already know who they are because I have been tweeting about their cuteness
for weeks now. And you also probably could have figured it
out on Instagram from my latest shopping haul picture, to which your only response was: Ladies and gentlemen, Dan and Phil. If you live in a bubble and have no idea who
Dan and Phil are, they are two vlog/sketch type YouTubers who are pretty weird, very cute and charming,
and are hilarious. They each have their own things, their own
channels going on, but my favorite thing about their Internet
existence is their joint gaming channel DanAndPhilGAMES. Since I like gaming and adorable British boys, this channel is rapidly becoming one of my
all-time favorite channels. I actually like them so much that I went out
of my house, which is pretty impressive on it’s own, and grabbed their new book, The Amazing Book
Is Not On Fire, which is pretty awesome too. If you are a fan of the Dan and Phil universe, this book just kind of expands on Dan and
Phil’s existence. It’s just like a collection of added information
about them and their lives and their memories. It’s really cool in like a… stalkery kinda
way? [laughing] I feel like I know way more about them than
any stranger ever should. But hey – I like your book! And I think you’re
both super super cute and charming! And that counts for something, right? So here ya go. Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil,
DanAndPhilGAMES, and about a million other side channels to
get lost on. Enjoy! Okay, now let’s talk makeup. There are a few different makeup products
that I have been trying out and absolutely loving since my last Favorites
video. So let’s just get started with lipsticks. These are NYX’s Liquid Suede cream lipsticks. They’re pretty new. I think they came out
at the end of the summer. I wanna say like August-ish? That might not be right. But even now in November, they are still kind
of hard to find in stores because not every store that carries NYX carries
the Liquid Suede lippies. I was able to find them at Ulta, even though almost every time that I’ve gone
there since, uh, these came out, all of the best colors are always sold out. So what I like best about these lipsticks
is that the colors are really pretty, obviously. But they stay on forever! Sometimes I’m hesitant to wear dark lip colors
like out in the world because I am like constantly worried that
they will be like wearing off, um, in some weird kind of pattern and it’ll look like I’ve been like punched
in the mouth or something. But not with these! I have found them to be very long-wearing and every color that I’ve tried so par- so
par? So far! Every color that I’ve tried so far has turned
out to be to be totally beautiful. The colors that I have are Tea and Cookies
which is this soft, like, baby pink color. Let’s see if we can swatch these here for
ya. Kitten Heels is like a classic red color. Cherry Skies which is a little bit of a darker
red color compared to Kitten Heels. I’ll show ya what it looks like. Vintage is one of my favorites. It’s what
I’m wearing right now. It is like a dark burgundy color. I also have Stone Fox which is a grey one
that is currently lost in one of my purses somewhere, um, but it looks like this! It’s a grey lipstick that has sort of some
blue-ish tones in there too. It’s really, really cool. It looks so cute with like a black lip liner
and then that Stone Fox lippie. It is just so pretty! I love it. I have heard mixed reviews on this lipstick. Some people think it doesn’t stay on very
long but on me personally, this stuff sticks around for hours. Um, even when I’m eating and [drops lipstick]… Even when I’m eating and drinking and all
of that stuff. I’m really just obsessed with it and I’ve
been keeping my eyes out for the other colors that I want every time
I go to the store because they are just my favorite lipsticks
right now. NYX Liquid Suede – oh my god, can’t hold anything. NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks. So pretty! Okay, what’s next? Highlighters! I have been trying out a bunch of Benefit’s
highlighters because it’s just that time of year where
my skin starts to get dry and it gets really dull and a good highlighter can just totally bring
it back to life. Today I’m wearing Girl Meets Pearl which you
probably can’t see because of this crazy bright light I’m staring right
into. So I’m wearing this on my cheekbones and I’m wearing Watt’s Up on my brow bone. I wish you could see these. Maybe I’ll swatch it on my other hand. This is Watt’s Up. Can you see that shimmer?
I hope so! Girl Meets Pearl is like a liquid like this and you just kinda like rub it in like that. Both of these just kinda give you that shimmer
that makes your skin look dewey and fresh. I don’t know if you can see it, but it looks
amazing in person. It’s just the right amount of highlight without
it being like unnatural looking. They’re so pretty. The other highlighters that I’ve been loving
are High Beam and High Brow. These are both kind of like a shimmery silvery
pink kinda color. So lately if I’m not wearing this combination
that I have on today, I’m wearing these two. You got yourself a little shimmer! I also have Sun Beam which is their golden
highlighter, uh, but my skin is a little bit too light for
this and it doesn’t really highlight that much, it just kinda looks like a golden shimmer on my cheeks. But if you have a darker skin tone, this color
is really pretty and it would probably compliment your skin better
than High Beam. I’m out of space. I’ll show you on my wrist. Let’s get crazy. So you can see it’s already darker than my
skin, so it’s not really a highlight. It’s a really pretty warm highlight color,
um, it’s just too dark for me. But if you have darker skin… it’s really
pretty. And now the final bit of makeup that I have
to show you are all of my glitters! If you have watched any one of my tutorials
that have glitter in them, you’ll probably notice that I’m pretty loyal
to Lit glitter, because it’s the only kind of glitter that
I actually like. Glitter is usually a huge mess which is what
turns most people off of using glitter. So Lit came up with their Lit Kits which includes
a liquid base, which you dip a little brush into the liquid
and then you dip the brush into the glitter. And then it’s super easy to just apply it
where ever you want it and it doesn’t get everywhere else, which
is the usual problem with glitter. So it takes all of the hassle out of glitter
application which is why I love it. That and because their glitters are really
pretty and shiny and sparkly! And they have a huge range of sparkly, pretty
colors. And also, um, their range has different glitter
sizes. So you can get exactly what you want in whatever
color you need. So we’ll do a little swatch for you here.
What color should we do? How about Firecracker? It is a bright red glitter. I don’t know if you guys can see it. I’m scared. It don’t want to spill it. Okay so I’m just going to dip this little
brush into the liquid base. And then into the glitter. It’s so sparkly and pretty. I just love it,
it’s so pretty! So you may be wondering why if I have been using this glitter in my tutorials
since the start of my channel, why is it a new favorite this month? Well, I have exciting news! I have been able to get a discount code for
you guys so you can buy all the glittery goodness that your sparkly little hearts could ever want. The code is my name, AlexaPoletti, with no
space in the middle. All one word. And it will get you 20% off your entire cart
which is very exciting. My next tutorial is super sparkly in celebration. I have already filmed it. It’s very sparkly. So look out for that. Um, and check out Lit. I’ll link them below
and the discount code, I’ll put down there too. Check this brand out. They are awesome! So I love this time of year because I am a
huge candle person. Like I am constantly burning a candle in whatever
room I’m hanging out in. And at this time of year, you can still totally
burn the autumny, fall, pumpkin, and spices and stuff, like those kind of scents, but you can also burn candles that are Christmas
scented which is the best of both worlds. I pick up candles like this all the time. When they put them near the checkout for impulse
buyers, that’s for me. I’m that buyer who buys all the candles while
waiting in line to pay for something else. I can’t help it. Here are a few that I’m into right now. This is Spiced Pumpkin. This one is Walnut Coffee Cake. It smells
so good. I got this one at Joann’s. You can tell it’s
almost gone. I need to get another one. MMMM so good! This one is Cinnamon Swirl, which smells like someone has been baking
in my house which has probably never happened for the
entirety of the time that I’ve lived here. But we can pretend with this Cinnamon Swirl
candle. And this one which I’m burning now is like
a Christmassy scent. It’s called Balsam Pine…? I actually have no idea how to say that. If I said it wrong, don’t make fun of me.
It’s Christmas. You can’t be mean. But yes, candles all the time. I love things
that make my house smell really good. And speaking of things that make my house
smell really good, this cute little guy is a humidifier and aroma
diffuser. Now that the weather is getting a little chillier
where I live, it is time to turn the heat on in my house. And when our heat is on, the air gets like
super dry and it makes it impossible to breathe or sleep
or function at all. It’s miserable. So, we usually use a humidifier in the winter
anyway. But I just recently found this tiny cute one
that I like even better. To use it, you take this top off like that. And then you take this little top off and
you fill this little pot with water and then you put a few drops of your favorite
essential oil in there. You can use any essential oil. I have lavender
and eucalyptus oils. There are like a million different essential
oils and they all do different things and they
all smell differently. And they’re used for aroma therapy and all
that kinda stuff. Basically it makes you feel really good and
it makes your house smell really fancy like a spa kind of. So after you got your oils in there, you just
close it back up and turn it on. It has a self shut off timer that you can
set to 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or 120 minutes, so it’s not just going to like run forever and
waste all of your essential oils while you’re asleep or not home or something
like that. And once it’s on it puffs out this little
fine mist. Can you see that? I kinda doubt it. It’s a
really fine little mist there. Ugh it smells so good! It also lights up in seven different colors
that you can either set it to cycle to the colors like a rainbow or, um, you could just pick the color that
you want. There is a button that controls that lights. You guys know that I love tiny cute things
that can be set to match my room. Vanity Planet which is the company that sells
this, they have a discount code right now. I think it’s the word “SCENT” and it will
give you 50% off of it so you can get this little cute humidifier
and aroma diffuser for $30. I’ll link it below and I’ll put that discount
code down there too. It’s a good gift idea for like parents or
for people like me who just like cute things that smell really
good. Okay, so as I mentioned before, there is a
huge product launch coming to Gothic Lolita Wigs and RockStar Wigs. I just hit her in the face. I’m sorry. Huge product launch coming and I mean it is
massive. I mean it may even be a whole new sister company? I duno, who’s to say? So while I would love to show you all of these
beautiful new wig designs as my Favorites, it’s all still pretty hush hush for now. I will say the one I’m wearing right now is
one of my all-time favorites and um I just love it so much that I couldn’t help
wearing it today. Whoops! This one will be part of the new launch and
because it’s an all-time favorite, I’ll feature it again later when it’s out
and available for you guys to get your little paws on. But for now, let’s talk about one that is
available. This is RockStar Wigs Hologram 12″ Collection
in Yellow. Um, the Hologram Collection also comes in
22″ and 32″ and they come in the same colors and they just have more layers and layers
and layers, and they’re big, and they’re really really
thick and awesome. But this the 12″ version which is like a little
bob. When I first got this wig I thought probably
never wear it because when would I need a bright yellow hair? The answer is always! I have actually been wearing this more than
any other wig lately. I love the style because it’s short so it
doesn’t get like tangled up if I wear a big jacket or a hood or something,. And it doesn’t turn into like a gigantic
knot ball in the back which can happen with longer wigs. Um, I also really like it because it’s really
thick so it’s warm on my head. I love all the layers. If you like shake it out and blast it with
hairspray, um, all of the layers kind of separate and it gives the wild and crazy look which
is a look that I really like. It’s easy and it looks great. Instant fave. My discount code right now is Alexa10 but
if you follow me on other social media sites, I suspect that that code will probably go
up with the holidays, maybe to like 15 or 20% off. Just a guess that it might go up. I don’t
know if it will. So don’t be mad at me if it doesn’t. But if you’ve had your eye on a style and
collection that’s really popular like the rhapsodies or any of the lace fronts, I would go ahead and get that now with the
10% off code, because they’ll probably sell out once that
code bumps up a little bit higher. And there is like the holiday rush. People
getting wigs for Christmas. I would get it now if I were you. Just to make sure you don’t miss your chance
to get the one you want. Oh and by the way, I have no idea when restocks
are. I don’t know how long shipping takes, uh, especially holiday shipping. I have no idea! Stuff like that. People ask me this all the
time. Questions like that should be directed to
the companies themselves. I literally have nothing to do with that side
of things and I am no help at all. I just wear pretty wigs on my head and that’s
it. And that is it for my Autumn Favorites. I’m not going to make you guys wait so long
for another Favorites video. Do not worry. With the holdiay season upon us, I want to show you as many cool things as
I can, uh, to help you guys with gift ideas or to help figure out what you want to ask for
for Christmas or whatever. If you just like to see cool
new things, this is the place for that. So until next time, thank you guys so much
for watching this video. I hope you liked it. If you did, give it a
thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. I’ll see you guys later. Thanks again for
watching! Bye!