Here we go we are back teaching the log exercise. And Brody’s going to show you how to do it. And we’re using visual supports. He is calming his body and he’s excellent at doing this there’s just too many people huh? Yes alright so we do the log exercise to improve
posture calm the body, calm the nervous system and
Brody just got on there absolutely amazingly and when
he first started he could not do that independently so that’s a huge amount of progress and that I’ve seen with him over the years So parents, professionals just realize I know Ten Claps. Yes! Very good Shut off! I can’t do that! Awesome job How many? Ten. Excellent buddy. What’s it say? Chops Prompting or giving visual cues Nice job This is something Brody’s been doing recently. Ten. Very good They’re called the Supermans Can we show off in front of the group? the so it takes a real man So we’re going to take the right hand. Tap. One… Right to left. Good Oh no! Are you falling? Come on Brodes let’s show everyone, show off a little bit And the reason we’re doing this again to help improve that coordination and he’s crossing midline. And sometimes our children can’s cross midline standing which is difficult for Brody, but he can do this and he’s done this multiple times, he’s so good So I’m having him tap his right hand to his left knee and I can do left hand to his right knee. Tap 3 good Hey. Nice job Look at that How many? All done And sometimes it’s all the children need are just the visual cues and then now he knows that we’re gonna take a little breather before he comes and shows next time so we will see you
guys later if you have questions means you need anything my can contact me or Brody We’ll see you guys later thanks