I know it’s forbidden now to touch faces But I like to break the rules So, today I’m going to touch your beautiful, beautiful face I hope you will enjoy it Today, I want to touch your face with my hands And different tools Brushes, feathers, gloves, and so on So you will definitely enjoy it But I don’t want to make you worry, so… I will disinfect my hands So, tell me Did you miss me? Did you? I know that gentle face touching can be so pleasant And I really like to feel your skin But I think we have to make something with your hair If you don’t mind Let’s put it on you It’s cute, though Like so Cool So I want to start with your forehead You have such beautiful skin, you know I just want to touch your forehead a little bit And all what you need to do is just to relax Relax, relax You know I’m so grateful you didn’t forget me And you always come back to me That’s really so impressive for me That you always remember about me And you always try to be with me Let’s touch your eyebrows Like so Are my hands warm enough for you? I hope they are I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable or something I just would like to comfort you with my touches tonight And, you know, sometimes I feel so anxious When I start to make videos again But you’re with me You came back to me Again and again And I’m so thankful Let’s touch your nose, so cute Little nose You know, I don’t like my nose It seems to me kinda strange Anyway, your nose is so cute Do you like to be cute? I hope you do Anyway, let’s touch your nose Just lightly touch your nose Okay And, of course, your cheeks So your cheeks Today we will discover all your features Slowly and gentle And it will be so good So pleasant And your lips And your chin And your chin And, of course, I will not forget about your ears Now I will just lightly stroke them Just for your pleasure And that ear, as well Nothing special, but so pleasant I know how to make you feel good Yeah Let me touch your neck a little bit So since all the world now is crazy about Coronavirus Let’s touch your face with gloves And I will simply start with the forehead Just let me look at it Let me look at your forehead Let me gently touch your eye area Here under your eyes And here on this side I really like how that area looks like Because you don’t have blue circles That’s cool It seems you rest well Sleep enough You sleep enough Let’s touch your nose I can feel it’s a little bit cold But that’s okay, you know Because my nose is cold all the time It means I’m healthy When I’m sick, it’s hot Probably I am a dog Let’s look at your cheeks, here Like so Your left cheek It’s so tender You have blushing cheeks It’s because of me? No? Yes? You don’t know? Let’s look at your chin The neck Good And let’s check your left And your right Right ear So, how did you like it? And what do you think about my nails, by the way? I had Spring mood and decided to make colorful nails As you know, I don’t like to put on my gloves So I found a very funny tool for it So, I found those little fingers And it’s simply, I don’t know what And what to call it But, I have like little gloves for each finger So I don’t need to deal with gloves anymore And now we’re going to touch your face with those fingers I hope you will enjoy it I think I mixed some fingers, because this one is for middle finger Now it will work, I hope So, are you ready? Let’s again start with your forehead I just want to touch it And continue with your temples Here we go, let’s massage your temples a little bit Continue with your cheeks We can even make little massage It’s like tapping Tapping, tapping, tapping, tapping It’s very windy tonight So windy tonight Let’s continue with your each… Here, and your neck It’s pleasant, too. Really! And your ears, of course Of course, we’re going to massage them a little bit and maybe even tap a little bit on them Good Okay, now we’re going to try different gloves And after that, we’re going to go to different sticks, feathers, and brushes And so on So, now let’s finish with gloves And I have really, really pleasant and soft gloves for you This one Cosmetic gloves For different massages And removing different products from your face But since you don’t have any products, let’s just massage your face Let’s massage your face with pleasant gloves, like so I will not touch your features separately I just will stroke all your face with those gloves I hope you will enjoy it Now I want to massage near your temples Like so And on your neck On your neck, like so It must be so pleasant and comfy Your ears, we will never forget about them And that ear, as well Like so, yes Good I know these gloves look pretty scary But they make so interesting sound So I decided to use them Actually, these gloves are for washing dishes But I believe, they can be also massaging gloves Let’s massage you On your sides And your neck And ears Of course, ears This is incredible feeling After all those strange gloves, let’s just clean your face a little bit with… Q… I forgot this word Q-tip Sometimes, I forget Most simple words in the world It’s so strange Let’s just touch your face with a q-tip Like so I have this stick Pointy stick Now I will gently poke your face Let’s poke your… jaw Let’s poke your chin Poke and stroke Let’s poke your Let’s poke your forehead and cheeks Like so And here, near your ears Near your ears Your ears Your ears Your forehead And, of course, it’s time to relax with feather I adore feathers I adore to tickle you with feathers And now, I’m going to do it Tickle, tickle, tickle Tickle your face like so Very gentle, but still very interesting Interesting touches Pleasant touches Pleasant touches And ears, and ears Of course, ears And ears, just a little bit Like so And I have that These And I have these beautiful feathers And I want to touch your face with them Like so I believe without Big Mama, there is no pleasure Right? Big Mama is a little bit dusty today She is a little bit dusty But still so good So good And let’s brush you Like so And gently brush your forehead Forehead And your cheek Gently brush your cheek Let’s brush here Nose, nose, nose Your neck And your ears Of course Your beautiful ears But, I don’t know Maybe a small brush would be better for you Let’s check it The same with ears I like to make such touches with such small brushes I hope it was good So, I hope you enjoyed my touches tonight And thank you for being with me See you next time Bye-bye