ASMR mean Autonomous Sensory Meridian Responce So mainly is focus on the nerve so we have nerve here, here and the back so for our ASMR we focus on that so it go from head to arms but customer also have choices on our services either they want to only focus on the head or the arm we learn from barbers in Malaysia? in Malaysia ya and we also learn some trick and tips from turkish turkish? you been there to learn or? our barber friends, our colleagues they went there so they teach us here oh they went there and so they bring the art back here so they have some… how to say short classes so we go and learn how they do This is some Lubriderm body and face lotion starting we apply that on you and then we massage on your head and your facial because we dont want too oily on your face right so we use lotion for your face we start with massaging your face and your jaw line if they have beard, so we massage their beard area and then we massage on their forehead and then after that on head and back we use massage oil and also on the hand and then mostly that and then we use the… what they call it squid… squid claw, i think so this one is just to trigger your senses i feel some tingling you feel tingling then is good thats mean all the point and nerve system is still functioning good and if you don’t feel anything then that is a problem so this is the final part for customer relaxation thank you very much