Raise them please. Raise up your pants legs, okay? Oh, I can’t raise them up any more. Yeah, that’s okay Lift your leg. Okay my daughter. [inaudible murmuring] [neighbors talking in background] You are very nervous. No, my daughter, you are very nervous. You have nervousness, do you see this here? This is anger, yeah? You are very angry, and nervous. And a little bit stressed out, yeah? And you have bad….. a little bit of…. a little bad energy and bad airs. Yeah? But mostly you have nervousness, stress, and anger. That’s good… Back like this… Go like this with your hand, okay? Rub it in. A little on your feet. The remedy that I am putting on you is for bad airs, okay? Show me your hands. Rub it in. Inhale. Go ahead and breath it in deeply. Rub it back like this. Now rub it down on your arms. A little bit of this… Rub it in. Inhale. Go ahead and inhale deeply. Rub it back like this. You can put a little bit on your belly. If you want. Rub it in. Inhale Go ahead and inhale. Rub it in. Around your neck… that’s it. Now on your belly. [inaudible] Now my daughter, we are going to do a massage for stress, okay? Sometimes people have headaches, neck pains… It’s nothing bad, it’s more for stress and nerves, okay? Lean against me… that’s it. Let your hair go. Put your hands down, okay? Put your arm down. Relax your muscles… like that. Relax.. Put your hands back like this. Nice and loose… Nice and loose… nice and loose… That did it, didn’t it? Yes! See? It was a lot! You are very stressed out… Now you feel nice and light. [laughing] [inaudible] There you are. [“blowing” the remedy over the patient is believed to blow away the negative energy] Okay my daughter, now you are all set.