It’s essence type toner. Roll it gently with my hands… I have used this product… Welcome. It’s a MYALINA SPA. How can I help you? Ah..! You made a reservation? Okay~ then.. Could you show me your gift card? Thank you. Then, Please wait for a moment while I check your reservation. Umm.. After checking your reservation,
you have booked a “immortelle treatment” program. This program is currently the most popular product. Immortelle is an immortal flower unfading, and it’s very famous
because it contains essential oil to protect skin aging. Only a liter of essential oil is produced from a ton of flowers. So it’s extremely valuable oil. Therefore,
the ‘Immortelle Treatment’ program is a premium spa with products containing this oil to manage the skin. If you want to have elastic skin, it’ll be a choice without regret. Please wait in the front
and i’ll bring some tea and counseling chart. Thank you for waiting. This is a apple cinnamon tea match spring. How is it? It is a sweet scent, isn’t it? And… Look at this counseling chart
while you enjoy the tea, please. Please check your skin type … and areas of special care on this chart. Also, please write down if you have allergies. Here you are 🙂 Thank you~ I will proceed with the program
based on this counseling chart. Would you please change into this gown
in the fitting room for the comfortable facial spa? Here you are ~ Thank you very much. First, I’ll roll up your hair neatly
before the program starts. Good 🙂 Next, I’m going to spray lavender scent on both sides to stabilize your nervous mind and body. lavender scent… both sides.. the other side.. Okay. Now follow me, please 🙂 Breathe in… and out… Good job.
One more time ~ Breathe in…. and out … Great job. Well… I think you’re not wearing makeup, don’t you? But.. Are you wearing basic skincare and sunscreen? Okay~ Then let’s start with cleansing. I’ll use cleansing cream. Take a good amount of it… and put it on the whole face… And I will massage gently rolling
with hands that are not wet. I’ll wipe it off. Okay, next.. I’m going to use an enzyme powder cleanser for deep cleansing. Enzyme powder cleanser helps melting blackheads and dead skin cells in your pores. Take out a small amount of tepid water like this.. And.. Mix until it starts to bubble. I’ll wipe off the foam. It’s a little bit cold…. Okay, now~ I’ll apply essence lotion to moisturize your skin immediately after washing. The product to use is the Divine lotion. The texture is stickier than toner
and waterier than essence. It’s essence type toner. It looks very moisturizing~ It applies really soft. As soon as I put it,
I feel like my skin is getting moisturized quickly. Now… I’ll use a brush… to spread it out. The product to use is the Immortal Divine Youth Oil before facial massaging. This product contains the most essential oils of Immortelle among divine products. So it’s an effective product that increases elasticity of skin. Also by applying this oil before cream for facial massage, the oil helps the cream to be absorbed. This is because the skin needs proper oil and moisture to absorb all the cream’s good ingredients. The texture is light,
and it makes skin look matte after applying. So it’s not sticky. Divine products smell so good~ I feel like I’m in a flower garden. How is it~? 😀 It’s like getting an aroma therapy, right? Put it using spuit on the whole skin. I’ll roll it gently with my hands… and spread it out.. Roll it gently with my hands and spread it out… Brilliant 🙂 Next~ I’ll apply a Divine Nutrient Cream on top of this
and massage gently. The texture is thicker than a moist cream. I have used this product for a few days,
no-makeup face looks like lively after getting up. It has anti-aging effects and makes skin tone clearer. Take out a small amount like this.. And apply it to the whole face. And.. I’ll massage by sweeping from the chin
to the forehead in the opposite direction of gravity. I’ll wipe it clean. Good 🙂 And I’ll apply essence lotion once more
to smooth skin texture. And absorb it 🙂 Now It’s the mask pack time. The product to use is a CO2 gel mask. First of all, apply gel all over your face. And… And put the air sheet mask on the top of gel. I’ll tap it with hand to activate the reaction of CO2. Good 🙂 I will put this modeling pack on your neck only because you note on the counseling chart
that you want to care neck wrinkles. The modeling pack is slightly cold. Umm, Now let it sit for 20 minutes. I’ll remove the pack from the bottom. I will also remove the modeling pack. I will wash your face using natural sponge. I’ll wipe the remaining pack neatly. Good 🙂 Lastly, I’ll apply a divine eye-serum
and massage it slowly and smoothly. Try to smell the delicate immortelle scent first. I’ll apply it around the eyes. This is a ” Immortelle flower ” ~ All programs are now finished. Are you satisfied with the immortelle spa program? I’m glad you liked it. Please use our spa next time. Then Good-bye~~~