Hi, I’m very excited to eat with such a great person as you today! It’s Fall: A very colorful and cozy season. But it’s already pretty cold and dark here in northern Germany. That’s why a warm conversation and coffee with you, is the best, what I can imagine right now! Before I’ll tell you what we eat today, please look around a bit! Do you recognize everything? Sooo today’s drinks and food are a hot coffee (so important), oreos, cinnamon rolls in front of it and baked apple ice. I’m pretty sure that you’ve had recognized the oreos immediately. My goal for this video is to eat a bit slower and enjoying everything to the limit. On this way I hope to get more intensive and “colorful” sounds. Because as always, I only want the best sounds for you! Damn this is my twelfth video and I still make so many mistakes. For example the light is too bright and I’ve had to cut so many times in the post production. And for every video I still choose different sound and video settings, because I still believe that I could reach even a better result. The good thing is, I’m very motivated: I would like to create many many great ear to ear videos for you and I don’t intend to quit my journey on YouTube. I’m so happy about every comment I get, even when I know some of the comments are spam and the author leaves the video, after he has post his comment, immediately. I would like to make a test: If you like my video and I think you do, because you are still here, please drop a “#qualitytime” behind your regular comment. I just want to be sure that there is no Grim in my cup. So what is… damn what is he doing???