This video is going to be very simple. Simple, just face touches with the simplest instrument everyone has – my fingers and my nails, which I keep long special for this video.It’s a little difficult to touch you and not see you at all,so sometimes I willstand like so.Good.I like to look on Nelly, soon I will be touching her face from time to time, like that. And I’ll try to help you relax, because qualitative relaxation is always starts from a face relaxation. So…I tell them that quality relaxation
starts with relaxing the muscles of the face,
and we will do it together.Such an idea.Today… Today me and Nelly prepared for you two videos. One with the back tracing and gorgeous Nelly’s dance, and one with the face touches, which you requested a lot. Tell me which do you like the most. So first relax your forehead, keep your attention that all muscles of your forehead will be relaxed. Relax your eyebrows.It’s immediately clear that you liked it –your belly immediately began to relax automatically.When I touch them, there is even a little sound.It even produce a little tiny sound. Tiny-tiny-tiny sound.So there you go.So good.So.Fortunately I didn’t cut the nails.Still, nails are a terrific tool.So awesome that sound…the sound source is one thingand touches go to another.From this goosebumps appear.Nelly just told that that it’s super interesting and tingly, that sound is in one ear but the sensation on the other side.By the way, I also love such, you know, delusions,when there is something unexpected, such unpredictable.Recently Nelly made up a piercing in her nose, so I have to be very careful with that area. So please relax your nose.I wonder how it is to relax your nose.So what, could you relax your nose?Well, actually you feel the wings of the nose for sure,the tip, nose bridge is felt.Good.So.Here are the wings, by the way,
this place – it’s so sensitive enough
to touch.Relax your cheeks… cheeks.From your inhalations and exhalations, I getting into a trance myself.By the way, it may help to you relax your cheeks intensive breathing out.Oh you kitty-kitty-kitty.You really such a cat.I recently came to the store,a vintage cat lives with them there.Cool.And so, in short, she just laid down
and gave me her belly,
started purring, wriggling, and I,
despite my allergies, could not resist it,
and started to caress her.How your hair smells nice.Her shampoo smells very nice. Or maybe it’s perfume. Then you need relax your mouth and lips. Mouth and lips.By the way, a very sensitive area.One of the most sensitive areas of your face.Especially if the tips of the nails are doing like this.Do you like?EspeciallyMinx.Nobody has seen.Yes.How do you like it better, with the fingers or with the nails?When they change.I asked her – did you like me touching you with nails or with tips of my fingers, and she said – when it changes all the time.I want everything at once, right?Yes, I also love everything at once.What are we greedy.Greedy.Guts.A?Greedy-guts.Then you need to relax your tongue.This is the tongue.The tongue needs to be relaxed.And even root of your tongue. And let your chin be relaxed.My goosebumps went forehead, just forehead, to the top of my head.To the dome.She said that strangely but she experiences tingles on her forehead at the moment.Yes, yes, yes, here.Lifting massage.Wow, what a sensitive area.Didn’t you know?I knew, but some kind of transition…such a – hop! – and you are already herei.e. you were on my face and you are already here.And from this surprise, something likeyou know, a new reading.Good.She said that she was surprised that this area is so sensitive, that after very strong sensations on her face it’s momentary kept her attention and switched it to the chest.I also thought thatclothes lie so often on this area.Yes, and whenI can feel the touch…She said that usually… We’re living in Russia, and it’s cold here, so usually we have a lot of clothes on the body, and that is… that makes even more meanful and even more, you know, like special and pleasant, when someone touches this area.So, ears, ears, ears.Which is more pleasant – by the ears or behind the ears?Behind the ears, yes, yes, yes.By the way, the area behind the ears are also very rarely touched.Yes unfortunately.Only the cats are often touche behind the ears.The cats, for example – they are smart creatures.Know where to have fun.They know how to offer the right places.The talent of kittens, we’re just talking, is that they always know how to provoke you to touch place which is most pleasant to her. So she know how to show her wish to you even if she do not speak in your language, so I think that everyone need to lear how to do it just with our body language. And now relax all your face. ??? and might be you may notice a simple baby smile, just a little.How awesome.Yes.How do you? Good?Highly. So pleasantto lay my head on your shoulder and relax my neck.Yes.We need you to come to us again.Of course.We must leave a good impression.Put it here now.By the way, do you like touching over the neck?Yes very.You are so long, beautiful.A little bit left now.So, I hope that e helped you to get some tingles and relaxation, and now close your eyes, and imagine yourself in the best place in the world, in the place of your dreams. You will spend this night in this place, and you will wake up in the time which you’ve planned, recovered, full of energy, full of motivation to live, enjoy your life being fruitful, and I’ll see you soon, in my next video.Really like this sound.He is so clear.And at the same time soft.Playful.All done.