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Well, if that’s you, you are in the right place! In this video, I’m going to share
with you my all-natural, safe, and effective solutions for overcoming
anxiety during pregnancy. By the end of this video you’re going to know my top
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video. If anxiety has already hit you, even
before your little one has arrived, don’t worry, Mama. You’re in the right place
because I’m gonna give you my top tips for overcoming anxiety naturally so that
you can just focus on being excited about welcoming your little baby into
the world. In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Sunny Riggs–creator and founder of the
natural health website, Sunny Fit Life. I’m so passionate about helping mamas just
like you get healthier and happier with natural solutions that are easy to
implement. Because we mamas ain’t got time for complicated so-called “solutions”
that are difficult to implement. We need solutions that are fast, easy, and
effective. I mean, I should know–I’m a mama of a little toddler and I’ve got
another one on the way. Okay, so let’s get into it.
Here’s how you can get natural anxiety relief while pregnant. First up, eat a low
glycemic diet. Okay, so I know food is a really touchy subject when you’re
pregnant. I mean, during that first trimester you
are just trying to survive and sometimes you’re reaching for foods that are less
than optimal when it comes to nutrition. I totally get it mama! I have been
there, believe me. But what I’m asking you to do is the best that you can. Like I
said, the first trimester can be so difficult. You’re just trying to keep
food down and you’re just trying to get through the day. So I’m curious–I want
you to comment below and let me know what was the food or foods that you felt
like you could keep down and that actually tasted good to you? So for me it
was citrus fruits like strawberries and oranges and that kind of thing. It just
tasted good and I was able to keep it down and it was pretty nutritious. So let
me know what was it for you. So back to the low glycemic diet thing. The best
thing you can do during your pregnancy is just focus on eating real, whole foods.
If it came from the earth, that’s a really good sign. Eat that! You also want
to stay away from sugar and white bread and any kind of processed food because
that’s gonna make your blood sugar go crazy. You want to keep things stable
because that’s going to make you feel better and it’s also gonna provide your
baby with better nutrition when you eat real food. Okay, so my number two tip for
overcoming anxiety while pregnant is avoiding triggers. So anyone who
struggles with anxiety knows what their triggers are. Now these are different for
everybody. For me it could be maybe a draining
person or maybe a social situation. Whatever it is for you, do your best to
avoid those if you can. Now I know we can’t live under a rock forever or
inside a bubble, but do your best to just avoid the things that make you feel
anxious. I remember when grocery shopping and
social situations could literally send me into a full-blown panic attack.
Fun times. Sometimes people, unfortunately, can be triggers for our anxiety. If
there’s someone in your life who is causing you anxiety it’s really best to
try to avoid them if you can. However, if this person who is triggering your
anxiety is a close family friend or even a family member, it’s best to sit down
with them and have a heart-to-heart. If this person truly cares for you they
will want to do everything they can to help your situation. If talking with this
person just doesn’t fix the problem you may have to consider limiting the time
you spend with the person until you can get your anxiety under control with
other methods. I know this is a really hard spot to be in, but the truth is
you’ve got to gain control of your health for your sake and for your baby’s.
My number three tip, which should probably actually be my number one tip, but we’re
gonna go with it, is prayer, Scripture, and praise. Prayer, Scripture, and praise are
some of the most powerful weapons we have, as believers, for overcoming anxiety.
We know that anxiety does not come from our Creator, so who do you think it comes
from? That’s right–it comes from the enemy. And the weapons that we use
against him are the ones that are given to us by our Creator. The enemy wants you
to believe that you’re all alone in this, that you’re the only one who feels like
this, and that you will always be an anxious mama. But let me tell you, that is
a lie and the truth is that you CAN overcome this. You can be victorious
against anxiety. You know, the Bible gives us so much instruction when it comes to
anxiety. And I don’t know about you, but I have found that when I pray and I have
my own little personal worship service in my living room anxiety just
kind of melts away. Funny thing–the enemy doesn’t like it when I praise my Creator.
So I’m gonna keep doing that because it’s working and it does work. And I want
you to implement that in your life because you’re going to be victorious
over this if you can just grab a hold of the truth that the Creator has given us.
I’m gonna share with you a few of my favorite Bible verses that have to do
with overcoming anxiety in the description box below so that you can
grab ahold of those, maybe write them down on an index card, put them around
your house–whatever. Just have it on hand so that you can focus on this truth when
you are feeling anxious. Okay, so my number four tip for you in overcoming anxiety while you’re pregnant is using lavender essential oil. Using
lavender essential oil is great during pregnancy because it’s safe, its
effective, and it’s so calming to the system. To use lavender essential oil,
you can put a few drops in your favorite diffuser or you can just inhale it
directly from the bottle–whichever you choose, whichever it’s easiest. When it
comes to purchasing essential oils, you really want to buy them from a reputable
brand and not a big-box store. Please do not buy essential oils from a big-box
store! And that’s because many of them contain cheap filler oils and some of
them even contain toxic ingredients. The last thing you want to do is expose your
body and your baby to toxic ingredients. That’s just not a good plan, so stick
with reputable brands when it comes to essential oils. So my number five tip for
you is this: get enough sleep. When it comes to getting enough sleep, especially
if you’ve already got kids, this can be a tricky subject. I get it. I totally do
because I have a two-year-old running around and some nights we just don’t get
the sleep that we need. And then, on top of that, there’s the pregnancy insomnia,
which is a lot of fun. So here’s the deal– you do what you can to get the most
sleep that you can. My husband and I make it a priority to get in bed at a
reasonable hour. I know it is so tempting to enjoy several hours of adult time
after you put the kids down for the night, but the reality is you need sleep.
Just make it a priority to get in bed at a reasonable hour so that you can get a
little more sleep every night. Getting enough sleep does so much for you when
it comes to overcoming anxiety– especially when you’re pregnant. Getting
enough sleep means I feel less frazzled during the day. And I don’t know about
you, but as a mama, feeling less frazzled is a win in my book. Again, just do the
best you can with what you have. We are striving for progress,
not perfection. So my final tip for you when it comes to overcoming anxiety when
you’re pregnant is this: you need to get your hands on my free mini ebook. This
ebook contains the ten steps that I use, they’re techniques that you can
implement right now that are going to help you overcome feelings of panic and
feelings of anxiety when they strike. You can get your free copy by clicking on
the link in the description box below. So there you have it, my tips for overcoming
anxiety while pregnant. Implement these tips and I’m sure that you’re gonna be
feeling calmer and ready to meet your new precious gift. Congratulations, by the
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