Hi my name is Cailin O’Hara, and I am the founder of Sun Tree Healing Arts. In this video I’m going to talk to you about how we treat anxiety disorders here at Sun Tree and what you can expect. So my passion is working with mental and emotional health. As you’ll see on the website we don’t just work with anxiety, I also treat depression and past trauma which a lot of people suffer from. Oftentimes, in fact, anxiety comes from some sort of past trauma. So, first of all, anxiety is totally normal and natural. It’s fine to feel anxious from time to time but when it becomes your dominant way of feeling, when you feel anxious more times than not, when you have panic attacks, when it interferes with your sleep, your ability to work or be in your relationships, you really need to seek help. So I use a multi-step approach to help people with anxiety disorders. It’s not just treating anxiety, you know, we’re working with all aspects of your health. Before I found Chinese medicine, I was on my path to become a counselor and then my health took a terrible downturn actually, and I found Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and the rest is history. Here I am today. So Chinese medicine is amazing for working with mental and emotional health. It works in such a powerful and holistic and natural way that people find themselves feeling better faster than they expect. I use Chinese medicine and acupuncture with all of my patients- that’s sort of the foundation but that’s not, where we stop. I also use Chinese herbal medicine short term to help you with those more acute symptoms of anxiety and however else it’s affecting you, you know, a lot of people come in with IBS or headaches or pain so we can treat all of it together. In my treatments I also incorporate sound healing and Acutonics, which can help the body relax, get you into a deep space of calm, which really is where all healing takes place- is when you’re resting and relaxed. So if you’re interested in learning more you can set up a free consultation, we also have a lot of resources on our website. If you’re not in the area here in Phoenix but you’re interested in trying acupuncture or a more natural approach to working with your mental health, seek out an acupuncturist in your area. Chinese medicine and acupuncture is the best modality I’ve ever found to work with the mind and the body connection to help you heal. So don’t lose hope. Know that you can feel better than you do now. You can definitely conquer your anxiety. You have the power to do it, and now maybe you know some other things that you can try. So as always, take good care of yourself, and I’ll talk to you again soon.