This is Rasa and welcome to your guided meditation. You are about to enter a state of deep meditation. If you are outside in nature or inside in
a quiet space, make sure you feel grounded and comfortable in your environment so you
can stay focused, yet relaxed. Arrive in your chosen position with a simple
request for your body to begin to relax now. Even though your back is straight, your body
is relaxing now. Switching its gears a little and beginning
to slow down. Your body is a spiritual and physical vessel,
it holds and embodies your emotions, beliefs, beautiful mind, soul and your consciousness. Life is sacred, so you are sacred. Breathe easy now and begin to feel the energy
flowing through your body. Relax. Relax even more. Just like that. Continue to relax deeper, continue to feeling
more calm, more centred. Now bring your awareness to the point in your
forehead, in between your brows. This point is known as the third eye or Ajna
(need pronunciation). It is also known as the seat of higher spiritual
vision and higher consciousness. The third eye chakra is your central portal
of energy connecting you to your higher self and inner realms. It is the point of your spiritual awareness. Now focus on this central point and start
to feel this area gently pulsing, like a heartbeat. Continue sensing the pulsations and at the
same time begin to form a vision of a glowing ball of white, diamond or golden light emanating
softly from this spot in between your brow. Breathe in easy, there is no rush. Simply, with breath, allow the universal life
force energy to flow into you now, energising your cells with oxygen and aligning your body
on a subtle level. You are a holistic being of light – your mind,
body, spirit and emotions are intrinsically connected. Continue sensing the pulsations, continue
seeing the glowing ball of light. Practice calmness as you do this, stay comfortable
and relaxed in your body. Beoming aware of the subtle, spiritual energy
pulsing through your veins. You are mind, body, spirit and emotions – yet
you are also a soul. This soul connects you through time and space. The universe is not just physical, it is a
metaphysical web of energy. You are completely at one with cosmic and
universal forces at all times. Relax. The energy of Chi continues to enter your
body with each breath. Feeling at peace in your own physical body. Chi flowing and revitalising you now. It is now also helping you to open up to the
new streams of thought and higher levels of perception. Now shift your awareness briefly to the glowing
ball of light in between and above your eyes. Feel it also energise your perception and
continuing to open your mind up to higher dimensions of consciousness. Relax. Allow the feeling to take over. Just like the vastness and infinity of universal
space you are also formed from an empty space. Within each subatomic particle that flows
through yourself and the universe as a whole is 99.9% space. This emptiness is the seed of creation, of
consciousness and manifestation. You are essentially an empty vessel open to
be filled with love, light, wisdom and abundance; so know this and allow the universe’s healing
energy to slowly and gently fill you up. Now, move your hands into a Mudra. This is a specific hand position to increase
your capacity to connect with the higher universal energies surrounding you. Simply relax your fingers and join your thumb
and the first finger together, on each hand, and whilst keeping you hands rested effortlessly. Your thumb and first finger creating a circle,
like an infinite current. Keep your fingers like this even if you start
to feel some slight pressure. Keep focusing on the light emanating from
your third eye. Now set an intention for this powerful and
healing light to spill out into your other chakras. Sense and see it move through your throat,
your heart, your body centre, all the way down. Now visualise the same light moving upwards
back into your crown chakra. Your centre for spiritual illumination, the
energetic portal which opens you up to the wisdom and wonders of the Akashic Records. Right now, your energy body is very present
on the astral and etheric planes and your awareness, your insight are being activated. Your awareness is quite sensitive right now. Continue to relax. Stay with the sensations of activated awareness
while warm and cleansing light is flowing through you. The Askashic Records are a hologram of all
human events, past memories, thoughts, intentions, actions, and emotions. These records are a complete recollection
of everything that has happened, is happening now and that will happen in the future. Past, present and future can all be accessed
through this eternal library, for this is what the Akashic Records are – a timeless
living library. Take a focused moment now and set an intention
to attune your awakened awareness to the realm of the Akashic Records. Intend to align with the higher dimensions
and its knowledge, its records and its wisdom. If you are feeling the connection or not,
everything that is occurring right now is happening on the subtler higher planes of
existence. Your subconscious is entwined and connected
to the planes of universal wisdom, divine guidance and intuitive insight. All is now being switched on and enhanced. Your intuition is also very active now. Still sensing the glowing light emanating
from your third eye chakra. When you are ready, set an intention to receive
needed wisdom and information from the Akashic Records. Do this now and let the knowledge flow in. Let your hands rest now. Wisdom and higher guidance has made its presence. You are at one with the universe and the powerful
light within and around you. You are still being and continue to be enlightened
and energised at your core. Your subconscious is still being activated
with new and evolved levels of awareness, insight and multidimensional wisdom. Even beyond this meditation you will continue
to tap into this wisdom and insights will continue to flow to you. This timeless library exist in a higher realm
of consciousness, above the astral plane and is protected by the beings of light. There is only love here, so there is nothing
to fear. If you like, let’s create an energy chord
between your higher self and the space of timeless wisdom, the Akashic Records. Stay relaxed and still. Visualise a chord or energetic spiral travelling
through your spine, up and through your heart. And now out through the top of your crown. Moving up the higher planes and connecting
to the Akashic Records library. You feel connected now. Secure and calm. You now have all the timeless wisdom at your
fingertips at all times. Slightly bow your head towards your heart,
expressing your appreciation for the available wisdom. Thank the higher planes for the insights received. Direct your focus to your body resting, breathing. Notice your eyes being closed and relaxed. Notice your lips softly touching. Allow them to smile. Roll the shoulders up and down. Let your shoulders soften now, relax. Stretch your arms, stretch your legs. Take your time, there is no need to rush. You are still an open channel receiving the
beautiful light rays and restoring energies. If it feels right, spend any additional time
to reflect, listen to your inner voice, or even journal. Finally, when you are ready you can begin
to open your eyes. Thank you for joining me in this guided meditation
and until next time.