welcome to this guided meditation to
connect with spirit make sure that you are in a location
where you will not be interrupted and that your cell phone ringer is turned to
silence mode I invite you to lay down for this guided
meditation with a soft pillow below your head and knees close your eyes and just
follow my voice if and when you repeat this meditation
you will enjoy new experiences with your loved ones and guides you may encounter
some of the same guides on more than one occasion but you may also meet new
guides each time you come here be open to receiving new messages
and feelings of love as spirit has much to say to you you will be surprised at
the different feelings and sensations as your intuition continues to grow and
expand and your ability to access the spirit world becomes effortless if you would like to fall asleep during
this meditation allow yourself to drift into your dream state without resistance allow yourself to go with the flow your soul will remember everything that
you need to your guides your loved ones and your
angels will ensure that your spiritual experience is filled with their love and
divine protection allow yourself to relax deeply as you
remain open to experience this meditation in whatever way your soul
desires you may experience a reunion with a
loved one in spirit be introduced to a new guide
or feel the loving embrace of your angels you may experience this through visions
feelings of connection physical sensations or words you may also receive
symbols with significant meaning for you just remain open allow images to come to you freely allow
names to come to you freely allow messages to come to you freely release any expectations or doubts that
you have set an intention for what you would like
to receive from this guided meditation you may think it or say it out loud know that anything important for you to
know will come through and that your soul will remember it for you after this
meditation is complete go ahead now and close your eyes feel your body begin to relax sink deeply into the soft bed or sofa
that you’re laying on feel the texture of the sheets blanket or fabric that
touches your skin every moment you hear my voice your body
relaxes more and more release your concerns from the day release your list of things to do be present in this moment and focus only
on the physical sensations of your body feel your back and shoulder muscles
release tension with ease your neck is resting softly upon your
pillow and you feel supported your body feels lighter more peaceful
weightless as you breathe in feel the oxygen flow
throughout your body bringing comfort to every part of your
body relax imagine that every time you take a deep
breath in the cells of your body are filled with
peacefulness and perfection every time you exhale you let go of
stress worry doubt and concern relax feel the tension in your legs release fill your arm muscles
relax any tension that you are holding in your
forehead or jaw is dissolved any area that you hold tension is now at
peace relax sink deeper into relaxation allow your stress to dissolve with ease this is your special time to connect
with spirit let go of any physical concerns you have
from your daily life and be at peace relax begin with the energy in your heart and
slowly imagine that energy moving down through your body through your legs and
out through the bottoms of your feet that energy moves deep into mother earth wrapping around the roots of ancient
trees and that you feel firmly grounded for this entire meditation now imagine
that your energy comes back up through the bottom of your feet up through your
legs and into your body as this energy rises it illuminates each
of your chakras making sure that they are open spinning and balanced beginning
with your root chakra at the base of your spine
see the beautiful red energy spinning freely if at anytime it seems that your energy
is not moving in one or several chakras simply request that any blocks are now
removed breathe you will feel a gentle release of energy
from your body and begin to feel a free-flowing energy again continue up to the sacral chakra just
below your belly button the energy here is vibrant and orange in color imagine
that the energy here is freely spinning and that it feels balanced with the
previous chakra moving up to the solar plexus just above
the belly button you see a beautiful yellow energy spinning open
and balanced moving up to the heart chakra in the
center of your chest a gorgeous emerald green energy it’s open spinning and balanced at this time take another breath if you carry any heartache loss or grief request that this energy is released
with ease as you release any pain in your heart
you notice that the beautiful emerald green is larger and brighter and clearer moving up to your throat chakra there’s
a beautiful blue energy spinning open and balanced moving up to the third eye in the middle
of your forehead notice the beautiful indigo color
and the energy there is moving spinning and balanced and moving up to your crown chakra at
the very top of your head a beautiful violet color emerges
and this area is open spinning and balanced as your crown chakra opens you are able
to connect with the pure light of creation and with your own divinity allow that beautiful light to absorb any
concerns that you have been carrying and any pain this light surrounds you
and energetically cleanses you from past pain and trauma take a moment to feel how amazing this
light feels how weightless your body feels when it
is free from stress and worry embrace this light as it is your divine
right to do so all of your chakras are now open and in
perfect alignment you are vibrating very high and feel
completely calm and peaceful you are now ready to connect with spirit release any thoughts you have to the
universe and breathe know that the only energies that you
wish to connect with will come forward breathe imagine that you are walking along a
beach as sunrise the beach is empty you’re the only
person there all you can hear are the gentle sounds
of nature you can smell the sea air and taste the
salt on your lips everything around you is still
and peaceful it feels as if you have come home you can see a large bonfire on the sand your heart begins to fill with
anticipation go to that fire this is where you will meet your loved
ones and guides when you reach the bonfire gaze into the
flame and feel the warm upon your face take a moment to relax breathe the more you relax the more you become
aware that you are not alone all of your senses are awakened the
light from the fire begins to illuminate the other beans that have come to meet
you they have been waiting for you for so long they are so happy that you came their energy feels familiar to you
they are kind they are wise the love they feel for you
is more love than you can ever remember feeling let that love fill you and
comfort you you are exactly where you are meant to
be as you look around the bonfire your eyes
begin to focus in on spirit this is your team of spirit guides and loved ones as you begin to connect with the
energies there you realize that they have been with you all along through every
step of your life they have seen you through your
hardships even when you felt alone and now that you see them
you know that they were helping you and that they never left your side your first guide has an offering for you they step forward to welcome you to this
sacred place and they wish to give you a gift of healing notice the color that surrounds this
guide it is the exact color that your soul has chosen for this healing your guide knows this and has prepared
this especially for you as your guide steps closer to you you
can see their soul light glimmering from their eyes you feel completely safe and
trust this connection allow the color and the healing energy
to surround you as they step closer and closer relax they reach out their hands to you and
smile as you reach out to take their hands
you can see that the color that surrounds them is also coming from
within them this color was selected for you by you
before you came and it will provide healing to wherever you desire it wherever you need it wherever you want it relax allow spirit to guide you open your mind
and heart to receive imagine that you can see this beautiful
color transfer to you through their touch allow it to circle around your
body embracing you and filling you from within every cell in your body rejoices and
accepts this healing shifting all time and space and making
everything possible in this moment you are worthy of this healing you accept
this healing you may feel a light tingle or warmth as
this color restores you and heals you when you have received all the healing
you desire your guide looks you deep within the eyes with reverence and love they step back slowly so that you may
now connect with all the others who came here to see you and speak with you you are in the presence of spirit and
all you feel is unconditional love you can sense and feel that your loved
ones who have passed before you are here you have many guides that have things to
tell you your beautiful angels hold space for you here in this sacred space you may take your time and connect with
whoever you want to hear you’re welcome to come back at any time your soul already knows how to find your
way back here go ahead now and look around
see all the beautiful spirits that have come to connect with you see your loved ones that you have been
missing the pets that you have lost they’re here
with you now all those that you have loved are here
and they appear healthy young and whole this is your time to connect with them
embrace them and feel their energy you may communicate anything that has
been on your mind and listen to what they have to tell you your guides have ancient wisdom and they
have known you since the moment your soul was created you may ask them
anything you want to you may always decide for yourself if you want to
follow their guidance or follow your own you have perfect discernment and wisdom
to know what is right for you your guides encourage that and even
though they offer advice they love and support your decisions no matter what when you are ready you will say your
goodbyes knowing that you can return here anytime
you wish to you may also choose to drift off to sleep and stay in this comforting
energy a while longer either way is perfectly okay if you wish to return
take a moment now to say goodbye you will remember everything that you
are supposed to from this loving encounter they’re loving energy will remain a part
of you forever and remind you of your own divine connection to them thank them for accompanying you on this
journey in life allow your gratitude to fill your heart and surround you and all
of your guides bathe in this loving energy of gratitude
and allow it to cleanse your soul as your energy becomes purified it is
time to call it all back into your body go ahead now and pull all your energy
back into your body slowly allow your purified energy to fill your
heart and body with a new sense of purpose and peace you have a new awareness about how much
you are truly loved and accepted your entire being radiates with a new
energy of love and it’s limitlessness breathe remember this sacred space this is your space and it has been
created for you you may return here whenever you wish to you’re always welcomed here you are
cherished you are loved those in spirit are proud of you and
acknowledge how well you are doing and they support you those in spirit will continue to send
you signs they will help you and guide you open your eyes slowly and take a moment
to feel your energy within your body you may return here any time you wish to you
may connect with your guides in your daily life in your dreams and here in
this meditation namaste