Hi, I’m Christina and welcome to my channel ChriskaYoga! in today’s video I will be discussing my five tips for yoga beginners See the things that I wish I would have known when I first started out with my yoga journey if you haven’t checked it out Already I posted my yoga story Basically in that video. I share how my first experience with yoga I didn’t really like it and I opted for a long period Of time before I started up again so these are things that I wish I would have known so maybe I would have just stuck with it and kept going instead of Taking a break in between and just stopping waiting so long to start up again. So if you’re a Yoga beginner if you’re new to yoga Definitely listen to these tips that I have for you before we get started if you are not yet subscribed to this channel I post two free yoga classes every single week it is completely free to subscribe, and I would love to have you as a subscriber So let’s get into my five tips for yoga beginners number one is listen to my words Instead of looking at my body take a look at my body in the pose when I’m demonstrating for an example But I would say listen to my instructions more carefully because I’m not perfect my body is not Perfectly aligned and my body is still working towards more flexibility more strength I do have some flexibility and I do have some strength But it took me a long time to get there, and it’s going to take me a long time to get even better so I know how the body needs to be in order to stay safe and Achieve the pose correctly in the right way And I think about what I say when I instruct you into a yoga pose Saying this as a yoga teacher when I am giving yoga instruction, yoga Asana actions I put a lot of thought into what I’m saying and the instructions are carefully Constructed so that you are able to achieve Your optimal yoga pose sometimes my body may not Look the way your body is going to look and that’s totally fine which brings me to my next point a little bit But just hold on for a second with that another point to this is that I notice a lot of students when I’m teaching life classes They’re in their head way too much I can be looking straight at someone with their left arm raised, and I can say raise your right arm They are just so focused on what’s going on in their head, and I can just repeat that phrase raise your right arm Raise your right arm, raise your right arm, and they’re still with that left arm straight up above their head It’s just so funny how I do this as well We’re just always in our head, and we’re focused on what’s going on in our mind. We’re so focused on Other things when we’re in a yoga class need to listen a little bit more carefully to the instructions of the yoga teacher We all do it as I said I do this as well when I am a student in class, but it is super important especially if you’re a yoga beginner Just learning the poses keeps those ears peeled and listen really carefully to the instructions of your yoga teacher My number two tip is don’t judge a pose by the way it look this could go two ways You could look at a pose and say that is way too hard And I’m never going to do that or you can look at a pose and say that is super easy. Let’s go for it I’m ready another looks too easy even But poses can be deceiving and as we all know the phrase don’t judge a book by its cover The same goes for Yoga poses don’t judge a yoga pose by the way it looks Especially by the way it looks on someone else’s body was completely Different to you or by the way it looks in an illustration you might be online or in a book Illustrations are not always accurate in terms of anatomy, and other people’s bodies will often not look like yours So don’t judge a yoga pose by the way. It looks give it a try try it out for yourself You can look up post tutorials online And you can reference a book the instructions of a book and try it out for yourself You can ask a yoga teacher To instruct you on how to do the pose and try it out for yourself before you make a judgement about it Which brings me to my next point? Which is my number three tip so you don’t like the yoga pose that means that you need it for instance? There’s a pose called king arthur. I discussed this on my instagram a little while ago There’s a pose called king arthur that I’ve done a tutorial about on this channel Few Years ago now it is a very intense and deep quad stretch and Sitting down all day, especially now I’m sitting down on my computer a lot my quads and my hip flexors are very tight king arthur is Really tough for me, and I hate doing that pose It is something that I dread doing and I don’t do it nearly as often as I should But since I know that I feel this way about this pose I also know that this is opposed that I really need the most This is something that my body is in need of my body is in need of more Flexibility and openness and ease in my hip flexors and in my clogs So this is definitely opposed that I should be doing more often So this is just an example everyone is tight in different places everyone is more flexible in different places So some poses will be a little bit easier for you in some poses will be a little bit more challenging I would say the ones that are more Challenging are the ones generally that you need to practice the most and they may turn out to be your favorite poses by number 4 tips for yoga beginners is don’t rush and be patient so especially when you’re in yoga beginner, you might not be Accustomed to holding poses for long periods of time apply in my beginners poses I like to add some movement a little bit especially in the warrior poses I add a modification and add some dynamic movement to make it a little bit easier to hold suppose or to in the photos but when you get a little bit more advanced maybe the strong beginner or intermediate Level you need to get a little bit more accustomed to holding the poses for longer periods of time So when you’re a beginner is great to pay attention to when you want to rush out of a yoga pose Try to be patient and hold it for just a bit longer than you normally would want to content with yourself is focusing on your breath drawing your attention away from The fact that you’re uncomfortable or you’re feeling more fatigued Maybe and trying to focus on your breathing instead also another aspect of this tip is be patient with yourself in terms of Achieving certain yoga poses for instance sometimes we might get frustrated maybe let’s say We’re trying to achieve Handstand or Headstand or any of the inversions or deeper back bends? and we might be Discouraged because they’re not coming as fast as we would like them to come I would just say be a little bit more patient with Yourself I know it’s frustrating and everyone’s body is different But might take you a little bit longer to achieve this pose And you would like to but I would just say be persistent keep Practicing and be patient with yourself and don’t rush into anything because this could cause injury So you want to be safe and you want to ease yourself into a yoga pose? perhaps if you’re trying to do Handstand You might not be quite ready to go upside down and support all of your weight with just your hands and arms You might need to build some more upper body strength and do some more of the preparatory Poses in order to achieve that pose ultimately you just need to ease yourself into it and be more patient with yourself So you will get there eventually? Just be patient and my final number five tips for yoga beginners is to start out at home Everyone is different, but if you’re new to yoga It is likely that you might be a bit Self-conscious you might not want to jump right into a big group yoga class if you aren’t familiar with the poses yet So practicing yoga at home might be a great way Another way that you can do this if you’re feeling self-conscious is to get a yoga private lesson most Yoga studios their teachers offer Private lessons you can find tons of yoga teachers in your area that offer private lessons by just doing a simple Google search Private lessons are always a great way to start out if you’re able to they can be a bit pricier which is why practicing at home with yoga videos on YouTube or even yoga programs online or a great way to Start out as well a bit more of a cost effective option So I hope you enjoyed those 5 tips and I could get into way more detail into all the topics that I discussed But that would be a very very long video So if you would like me to go into depth into any of those topics that I discuss in this video Let me know in the comments down below, and I will do my best to make that video for you Thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video if you liked it give it a thumbs up Leave me any questions in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe for two free yoga classes Every single week on this channel or even more yoga advice helpful tips yoga classes free and Premium Yoga check out, chriskayoga.com and you can follow me on Instagram for Daily Yoga updates motivation healthy living behind the scenes of this channel on Instagram at @chriskayoga as well. Thank you so much. See you next time Are you a yoga beginner? Do you want to build a solid foundation for your yoga practice? You want to learn an effective way to add more yoga into your daily life if so You can learn all of this and more with my yoga starter kit program this program is your very own Yoga toolkit that will help you Understand Yoga at a deeper level and achieve so much more out of your yoga practice So be sure to visit Chriskayoga.com/yoga-starter-kit to learn more.