My Western physician says there’s nothing
wrong with my kidney and my test show up it’s normal. But my Eastern physician says I have
a kidney deficiency, so what gives with that? Hi, my name is Mark Brinson, Doctor of Oriental
Medicine, Physical Medicine and Human Performance Specialist. The kidney in Eastern Medicine
you have to understand doesn’t have much to do with the actual kidney. As a group of functions
that they ascribe to the kidney. Now, what they really mean almost more is the adrenals
and the effect that the adrenals have on the body. So some signs of the kidney diminishing,
so to speak, are the typical signs of aging. Things that you might get with sore back or
sore knees or changes in the color of the hair, changes in sexual function. So boosting
the kidney, many physicians believe is the heart or the foundation of boosting the whole
body and of longevity. Many of the tonics that you hear about, the things that are supposed
to increase sexual functions are increase longevity are ascribe to the kidney as well.
So, improving kidney function is going to improve the overall functioning of the whole
body. My name is Mark Brinson, Doctor of Oriental Medicine wishing you a balance and wonderful