hopefully like my lining is like six, it
should be six by now but if it’s like not quite eight she’ll give me another
day and we’ll do the IUI on Saturday that’s sort of hoping for Hey Fertility Fam! today is
Wednesday May 23rd happy hump day to you happy hump day to ya happy hump day yeah
it is actually I finished the other vlog this morning
but it’s a new day and I yeah I don’t know I think I’m just gonna have to
surrender and not be worried about controlling things right it is what it
is the lining is where it is hopefully I’ll
have my UI on Saturday we’ll see the doctor did mention that we
have to be careful with the estrogen with the patches because it could stop
my body from doing what it wants to do because you know before the surge
estrogen spikes and then your LH spikes so she did mention that it’s a fun line
so I’ll get my dosage today then we’ll figure it out from there hopefully it
doesn’t rain today I forgot my umbrella yesterday
my coworker lent me this so I’m carrying it back but I didn’t want to carry too
so worked out in my favor it’s not I’ll be borrowing again yeah we’ve got
acupuncture tonight I’m gonna leave work early
the only appointment they had was at 4:00 so I’m gonna leave work at 3:30
yeah sorry my skirt is probably there or it’s
riding up okay yeah so I’m gonna leave work early go do that hopefully it just
quiet day at work I already canceled one meeting yeah I’m just a little
overwhelmed and a little sad and I just gotta power through it
it is what it is right all right ladies I will check with you a little bit all
right ma’am I just left the pharmacy I have my lovely
bevelle dot that I have to put on I’m gonna call the nurse because I’m not
going to have them on for 24 hours before I have my scan so I just want to
make sure that that is right you know what I mean like so we push it back I’m
not sure so yeah I gotta go to the bathroom and figure out how to put these
on they said two inches to the right or left of the belly button
and leave it on for 24 hours and then take it off put on a new one on the
opposite side so if I put the first one on the right side with the second one on
the left side 24 hours later I believe that to thinner said I will reread the
directions to make sure that I got that right all right I’m going to talk to you
guys later it’s a little crowded here in New York it’s lunchtime all the fellas
are out ladies I’m all done with acupuncture I haven’t addressed today so
we do modified
she down is here and it’s like see she did moxibustion Deidre hopefully you’re watching oh my
got it that’s supposed to help with the lining and then there’s the patch that’s
the estrogen patch to help thicken my lining I told her I was gonna do castor
oil pack tonight she thought that was a good idea and I think I’ll go for a walk
I wish I am trying to get that circulation going
all right I have to go back to work even though it’s a carb o’clock but I think
if I end up doing my high UI on Friday I want to leave early and so so yeah I’ll
talk to you guys a little bit hey Fertility Fam! I made it home
yay so look what I have I haven’t done these in a minute like my first or
second … my first or second video whoops I did OPK’s and there we
go yeah so we kickin it old school that was like six months ago
um can you see that ah there we go um that and here’s the paper one we got
new fancy lights now so you know there we go yeah negative not positive so the
I mentioned it earlier the RT wanted me to take the Opie Hays because my follow
Bulls were 18 and 17 and so she just want to make sure she said if I get a
surge but I have to go in with known donor the next day so I’m not in danger
I’ve got my extra Jo patch on I did the acupuncture I’m going to do a massage
tonight I was gonna do a massage and um castor oil packs but I don’t want to
stay up too late so I’m just gonna do castor oil massage
not worried about or I don’t know maybe I’ll do it and then lay in the bed with
it until the hot water we’ll see we’re still shining I ordered Mexican boots
are waiting for that to be delivered um and I’m editing so we’ll see how that
goes yeah I wanted to give a shout out to Genesis loving TV she is officially
TT seeing her tubal reversal is gone and she’s ready the baby dance and her tubal
reversal is done and she’s ready to baby dance and so congratulations to her and
mr. I know it misses it’s a long one mrs. and mr. hurt long journey to bundle
of joy I hope I got that right it’s also on her TTC journey her two will reversal
has been completed and so congratulations ladies I’m excited for
you and looking forward to hearing about your bf P let’s get those babies ladies
so yeah motivates me every time I you know that’s all let’s all win
also the estradiol transdermal system their patches and I posted on Instagram
asking the ladies if I should expect any side-effects and I was told no yeah I
can’t remember little house in the Big Apple so that it just made her tire
which that would not be a bad thing for me right let’s let’s be honest maybe I
will get somewhere and sit down but yeah I was hoping that it would not be crazy
arming me come but I’ll keep you posted I’ll let you know how I feel so far so
good it’s been mm not quite eight hours I guess or oh no it has been eight I put
it on at noon and it’s about 9:00 nine hours uh uh yeah so that’s it ah so
a lot of years gave me a lot of good advice about IVF today which was nice
and thoughtful um Candice fruitful my fertility journey
obviously just had a successful IVF and offered her support which I appreciate
thank you girl and I gotta go back and watch some of
her videos I know that she and her husband prepped um I remember watching one they were prepping for their second or two well I want to rewatch
that because they also talked about things they did for her husband sperm
and so I want to check that out and Sandra Wiley or Sandra TTC 45 also gave me
some advice about not being over stemmed and some other stuff so I appreciate you
guys I appreciate the information and support like one of us doesn’t have to
know it all right we should know a little bit and we share with each other
we’ll get to the finish line so I do appreciate you guys and thank you for
that information and for your support it does mean a lot um all right I’m gonna
keep it brief because the buzzer is gonna ring any minute and I’ve got some
other stuff to do I don’t want to be up too late but I did want to come in and
close out the vlog for the day and let you guys know what was going on we’re
all good I go to the re in the morning at 8:15 for another scan and bloodwork
and then we’ll see where we are hopefully my lining is gone up I don’t
know if it’s gonna be too crazy because it’s two days and I haven’t even at the
patch on for 24 hours but hopefully it’s moving in the right direction I’m going
to take the Opie hay with her the cheapy with me to show her in the morning so
she knows that I’m not about to serve because there’s not you know this one
the advanced one does a little test for estrogen first and then the luteinizing
hormone so the fact that it’s saying low means that the estrogen hasn’t even
started going up yet which she was worried about like you know the timing
of it um so I think we’re good there so hopefully like my lining is like it
should be six by now but if it’s like not quite eight she’ll give me another
day and we’ll do that are you on Saturday that’s sort of hoping for
which will be I think today cycle day 12 so 13 report letter recycle day 15 um so
I think that’s too crazy as we learned last month I don’t ovulate naturally on
cycle day 14 on my own but I did have the letrozole slash primeira so that
might impact it lots of variables lots of variables but we’ll see I’m rambling
on right does that make sense um I don’t know have you guys been to the re and
they had you do the Opie case let me know down below I did see someone’s
video her first IU I was successful she on her own did the OPK and ended
up getting a positive surge and call the doctor’s office and they told her to
come in like a day earlier or two days earlier she hadn’t triggered yet and had
gotten that so I thought that was interesting and she said had it not been
for that or are you I would have been on the wrong day and she would have missed
her ovulation and yeah so if you’ve done OB case with an re on a medicated cycle
let me know or even if they re didn’t tell you to do it and you just did it on
your own and that works for you I’m curious as to how often that happened so
let me know please let me know alright ladies that’s it I’m gonna sign off if
you like this video please remember to give it a thumbs up we’ll do it three
just one big fat thumbs up um please remember to share it with anybody who
might find it interesting or you know somebody who likes to laugh at silly
things send them over to the vlog tell them to come out and hang out with us
for a little while right talk to you later bye mmm baby dust to you all!