Now that you’ve actually have the needles
inserted in you and you’ve been able to relax for about twenty minutes, the average length
of the actual treatment itself, most people are curious what happens now. So the first
part is actually the removal of the needles. And the removal of the needles is not painful
at all. You’re likely to be almost in a relaxed nap like state. So the practitioner will come
back into the room and remove the needles, making sure that we keep the chi in the body
and also in case there’s a single drop of blood. There we moved the needles and I’m
quietly taking them out of George here, our willing acupuncture model. After the patient
has all the needles removed, we’re able to then set the patient up and it’s important
that you then try to maintain a quiet state, have a cup of tea or a cup of water, and oftentimes
the practitioner will discuss with you how many treatments and the frequency that it
may take. A lot of times the practitioner really can’t tell you after about three treatments.
Three to five treatments, we’ll actually start to see some progress and we can give you a
very clear cut length of time that will take to create the balance and the state of wellness
that you asked the practitioner to work on you with. So be sure to take some time after
your treatment. Sit and relax before you try to leave the clinic and get in your car and
drive. It’s also important to try to find some time during your day not to rush back
into work or go shopping, but quiet, relax treatment for the rest of your day as you
rest, listen to some music and drink some tea.