Hi My name is Stacy Zuberi. I’m a licensed acupuncturist here at Body Ache Escape and today I’d like to demonstrate and talk to you a little bit about acupuncture. Acupuncture is a 2000 year old practice that originated in China. It is based on the theory that we have energy pathways running through our body. and if those pathways become blocked disease and pain will present. With the acupuncture needle, our goal is to unblock the blockage so that the body can heal naturally. Western medicine has proved that acupuncture works by increasing our endorphins which is our bodies natural painkiller and also increasing seratonin which is the neurotransmitter that is That is why a lot of times after acupuncture people have much less pain and feel very relaxed. Acupuncture is good for a wide variety of medical conditions such as hay fever, asthma, pain, insomnia but it is also good for your well-being. It helps reduce stress, increases energy and many many more things. Its also fabulous for just helping with the immune system. When a patient comes in for acupuncture I take a detailed history of their condition I then will take their pulse, look at their tongue and possibly palpate any areas of discomfort or pain. I then come up with my Chinese diagnosis and that’s the way base my point selection 5 people can come in with back pain and I might have different point selections for each different person. Because in Chinese medicine, you look at the person as a whole Next I will alcohol the spots off that I choose to use and I will use predisposed sterile needles. They are 1 use. and you can see they are very thin, they are thinner than a hair What a patient might feel as I insert the needle. They might feel a heaviness. They might feel a surge of energy. All of those are good signs because I’m unblocking the energy pathways that are blocked. The needle stays in for about 15-30 mintues. Again its balancing the energy in the body to help a very specific need that they have The patient will feel relaxed after the needles are taken out.