This next technique is a combination of both
massage with a little bit of chi gong added to it. So there is a little bit of energy
work within this. It’s called one finger pushing and so there’s two ways that we can do it.
We can either double the fingers up like this or what I like to do is wrap the index finger
around the middle finger to give myself a little bit more strength to the push. This
is the way that we often do acupressure in Chinese Medicine. So we look for specific
acupressure points and we are able to then use some techniques by focusing our energy
and dropping our tongue from the roof of our mouths down to the floor of our mouth as we
focus our energy down through our hand and into the point. And often times the practitioner
will feel a warming in his hand as he hits the various acupuncture points. A lot of times
a massage therapist will also use this for what we know as trigger points. Which are
areas that can release a large area of muscles on an individual. So we can use this technique
to help Jackie a little bit with her migraines. And that’s one finger pushing.