To make people who want to quit smoking relax
and feel good without alcohol, we can also add, two points on the head. One is called
GV 20 and the other one called Xiu Xin Xung. All of these points help make body relax.
Let me show you where is the GV 20. It’s basically on the top of the head and from the anterior
hairline to the point there is five zone, so how we locate this point, we can put our
hand on the top of the ear both sides and make two thumbs meet in the middle of the
head. And that’s the GV 20. So from this point to the anterior hairline, that’s five inches.
And we can insert needles to this point. Usually it’s a directly insertion, so it would be
a .3, .5 insertion parallel to the skin. When I stimulate this point, a lot of people not
only feel relax but afterwards, their memory is enhance and they have more creative thinking.