About depression, we already talked about
three patterns. One is phlegm, the second is phlegm and spleen deficiency. The third
is heart and spleen deficiency. The fourth one is Yin deficiency with also heat symptoms.
So we not only have all the yin deficiency symptoms. The dryness and but, also we have
the heat symptoms. So this is a more complicated pattern. The patients can show depression.
But at the same time, they can have suddenly energy drop. You can also see some, heat symptoms.
For instance, they have the red cheek. And they, in the morning they have pretty good
energy. Then the energy drops in the afternoon. For this pattern, the tongue shows red and
dry. And pulse shows fast and thin. And we use the point called the kidney three. To
help both conditions. Tonify the yin and reduce the heat. So the point kidney three is between
the internal malleolus, this bone. And ACLI tendons. In the middle of these two marks,
ACLI tendon and the bone. And at the same level of the top of the internal malleolus.
So this is the point and that can be used to treat both conditions.