So we use these two points Small Intestine
18 and Stomach 3 to kind of lift up the cheek muscle. But, what about this deepened Nasolabial
wrinkles? We can use another point called Stomach 3 which is point 5 inch next to the
lips. And thread needles up towards the eye area, along the Nasolabial wrinkles. The next
most common spot we need to treat is between the eyebrow, where the Botox usually were
injected here. There are, they get, some people have two, some people have one lines here.
And we use bigger needles to go upward to relax this muscle so that it will ease, reduce
this line between the eyebrow. And then we also can use the Intradermo, more superficial
along the lines. So the bigger needles kind of relax the muscle. But then the small needles
which insert along the lines can help bring more blood flow and produce more collagens
to make this line reduce.