really kicks off the spirit of gifting
right there’s Black Friday then as we mentioned Small Business Saturday and of
course Cyber Monday Cyber Monday if you’re looking for a gift that’s out of
the box for your mom daughter or anyone who needs a little relaxation
TCL reporter Kelly Hansen has a very good idea she’s gifting early by heading
to healing insight this is my friend Jen and Jen you’ve never had like full body
acupuncture not not okay so I thought I’m going to gift this to a friend
because that’s what you do around the holidays and so we’re gonna do
acupuncture and bodywork which is like the best massage in your entire life
just kind of palpating to see where your knots are acupuncture in itself it can
help with so many different things but number one it’s very relaxing right yeah
and we’re everybody’s dealing with a lot of stress in their life so giving
somebody the gift of relaxation it truly is an amazing gift that you can give a
lot of people give a massage gift certificate but this is something that
unique that they’ve never had before I’m just trying to loosen up the fascia a
little bit we can work a little bit more deeply you have migraines tell me about
that I started getting migraines when I was a
freshman in college my mom has had migraines I always have migraines she’s
not done girls night out because of a migraine it’s true there’s multiples we
want to work yeah we want to get this taken care of so far, so good. it’s actually a blend that has dandelion
oil rosemary a few others that help with detoxing and moving the blood does she
feel tight yes Jenna swender experienced something that I haven’t and something
called gua sha gua sha is where we take a jade tool and we’ll
gently rub it over the skin and it helps to break up connective tissue adhesions
it helps to you know kind of if you’re having a lot of tension it helps to
release that as well but it’s it really works on the connective tissue if you
have adhesions between the connective tissue and the muscle like no matter how
much you massage you can’t really seem to get it to release gua sha will help
to release that okay and so this hopefully could help Jen with her
headache this is gonna be huge for her headaches because if you have headaches
or migraines you usually have a lot of tension in your shoulders and your upper
back so it’s just yet another tool that we can use to help to get at the root of
what’s causing them any other pain that you’re experiencing shoulder pain back
pain um with my migraines it’s usually just my no the left side my neck my
shoulder if people’s gonna get acupuncture for anything it’s often pain
relief or stress relief a lot of people don’t really know that acupuncture is so
helpful for pain they don’t know that it’s great for headaches and joint
pain and back pain and all those muscle aches that you have if in fact if you
have migraines the best thing you can do for migraines and headaches is
acupuncture so you’re a teacher and tell us about your daily life you’re pretty
busy I am so I work full time with teaching high school special ed and then
I have three children of my own both of my boys are in hockey and so it’s
constant running and being busy and so I don’t get to take much time for myself
I’m looking for today she sent it to a hockey tournament in Breezy Point after
this so we’re gonna get you nice and zen yes I mean you and I know how great of
an experience acupuncture can be and bodywork but for someone who’s never had
it or somebody who sneaked I need to think outside the box this
year why does it make a great gift this makes the best gift because it’s so unique
it’s something that people have never experienced before
no matter what they’re dealing with they’re gonna feel relaxed they’re gonna
feel so much so much more rejuvenated after they come in and that’s what we
want for our loved ones we want to give them something that’s gonna make them
feel amazing and that they’re gonna remember and then maybe they’re gonna
want it next year too she’s done everyone how do you feel
relaxing oh that’s so fun I’m glad she loved it Kelly is here with that loves
to be on camera so I was like just will you do this you’re gonna love you’re
gonna love it and she absolutely oh gosh I’m sure she’s hooked