5 core exercises 1) Plank Plus – pull elbows and feet towards each other 10 sets of a hard 10 second squeeze, 5 slow seconds break in between 2) Deadbugs/1 arm raises, 25 reps each side reach to the outside of your ankle – 25 on each side make it harder by moving both legs 3) modified leg raises – knees slightly bent, slow on the way down, pause 1 second to reset bracing the core before lifting your leg again, 25 reps knees bent to take away low back strain – legs longer to make it harder 1 second pause to reset bracing the core 4) Ceiling touches – knees bent, arms straight, lift shoulders high up, 25 reps minimum tuck your chin into your chest on the way up, if you feel any strain in your neck 5) Mountain climbers – push-up position, face in front of your hands, 20 reps minimum try going slower 3 sets of everything