– [Narrator] Studies have
shown that meditating activates the same parts of your brain
as taking psilocybin mushrooms. On top of this, meditating has been shown to lower depression, anxiety and stress, and it increases confidence,
your immune system, and it also raises your levels of empathy. Instead of me just telling
you about successful people who meditate, I’m going to
just show you four clips of four incredibly successful
people in their chosen fields who practice something called
transcendental meditation, which is just a form of meditating. – I meditate every day. I meditate every day, and it helps me, it’s like having an anchor. If I don’t do it, I feel like I’m constantly
chasing the day. – I’ve been a TMer for
about five years now and it is one of the important tools I’ve adopted in my own life. – So everyone in my life meditates. I am a big proponent of meditation and for radio, I feel it
added tremendous creativity and having that morning and afternoon. In fact, to this day,
after I do the radio show, my head is pounding so
bad from the headphones and the loud noise and five
hours of headphones and talking. I mean, it’s exhausting. I go and I meditate and I walk out and I have the whole rest of my day. – And you gave a great definition
of what meditation was. – Yeah, I said that it’s
like you have a cell phone and then somebody gives you the charger and you go, oh, now this thing, I can get this thing up to
a hundred any time I want. – Yeah, fully juiced. – Yeah, fully. – The power of fully juiced. – Yeah, yeah. – [Narrator] So after watching that, I think we can all agree that meditating is at
least a little bit helpful. But what exactly does it do for us? Because there are so many
benefits to meditation, I don’t have time to
go through all of them, but I am going to go over my top five personal favorite reasons to meditate. The first main point is
that meditation improves learning, memory and self-awareness. Long term practice of meditation increases grey matter density in
the areas of the brain associated with self-awareness, compassion and introspection. Grey matter is made up of the cell bodies of nerve cells. So basically, the more
grey matter you have in a certain area of your brain, the smarter you’ll become
in that certain area. And in my opinion, self-awareness is the number one most important trait when it comes to being
successful in business, relationships, school, or
really anything at all in life. The second reason is that
mindfulness meditation decreases feelings of loneliness. A study from the Carnegie
Mellon University indicates that mindfulness
meditation training is useful in decreasing
feelings of loneliness which in turn decreases the risk of morbidity and mortality. As I’ve said in the past,
I believe a big reason why people don’t get into
the right relationships is because they’re often
looking for another person to complete them. But when you practice
meditating and you decrease that feeling of loneliness
and you decrease that incomplete feeling, you’re much more likely
to find the right person who will make you truly happy. The third benefit of
meditation is that it lengthens your attention span, and I think today, with all the distractions in our lives, this is more important than ever. To put it simply, if
you do something called focused-attention meditation, you’re basically training
your attention span, similar to how you would
train your biceps in the gym. If you do this on a regular basis, you will be able to
focus on a certain task for much longer without
getting distracted. It does not have to be
a lot of meditating. In fact, a study has
shown that if you practice meditation for only four days, this actually could be enough to increase your attention span. The fourth reason is that
meditation helps fight addictions. Now when I say the word addictions, I don’t necessarily mean big addictions like being addicted to drugs or alcohol but I’m also talking
about small addictions like constantly checking your Instagram, constantly checking your Facebook messages or even your emails or simply just being addicted
to your phone in general. The mental discipline you can
develop through meditation may help you break dependencies by increasing your
self-control and awareness of the triggers for addictive behaviors. One study that taught
19 recovering alcoholics how to meditate, found that participants who received the training got much better at
controlling their cravings and it lowered the stress
associated with the cravings. And again, this is linked to building that grey matter density
in the self-awareness part of the brain. The fifth main benefit of meditation is that it reduces stress
and anxiety in general. A study from the University
of Wisconsin-Madison indicates that the practice
of open monitoring meditation, which again, is just a very
basic form of meditation reduces the grey matter density in the areas of the brain
related with anxiety and stress. Meditators were much more able to attend moment to moment focus. So all that means is
if there was a problem that entered the meditator’s life, it is much easier for them to move on to the next thing and
it’s much easier for them to address the problem. While someone who doesn’t
practice meditation, oftentimes, they get so hung up on that one problem or issue, it could ruin their whole day and even ruin their week sometimes. I can honestly say that
meditation has changed my life and I’m not trying to sell you anything. I’m not trying to get
you to download some app. I am just sharing with you
how much of a positive impact meditation had on my life and I really would encourage
you to at least try it out. And in the future, I’m
going to make a video on how exactly I meditate. If you’re interested in
meditation after watching this, I really would appreciate
it if you shared the video with a friend or even
left the video a like. And as always, thank you so
much for watching this video and I’ll see you in the next one. (mellow music)