5 Minute Guided Meditation For Stress Relief & Relaxation begin by lying in a comfortable position
flat on your back with your legs on cross an arms at your side palms facing
downwards once you find yourself in a comfortable position softly close your
eye and just focus in on your breathing noticing how the air enters and exits
your body feeling your stomach rise and every
inhale and fall on every exhale take a moment to let your breath down feeling your body heavy on the surface
on which you are lying all that matters in this moment is your
breath in the words who are hearing anytime your mind wanders that’s okay
just return your awareness back to these words back to your breath and as you breathe softly and slowly you
feel yourself letting go entering into a state of deep e and
relaxation and as you’re breathing continue to
soften and deepen you begin to sense the glow of a soft blue light beginning to
flow down over the top of your head blowing over your fee bringing deep relaxation as the soft
blue light continues to flow down your neck into your shoulders and your parts everywhere the soft blue light touches
your body experiences a release as you enter in to relaxation you feel the software like continue now
down your chest your back your torso feel yourself sinking in to this a wave
of peace and relaxation as the blue light continues down through your hills I your knees or calves and all the way
down into the soles of your feet so that your entire being is illuminated in soft
blue light and you feel every cell with the new relaxing letting go take this peaceful feeling with you as
you slowly begin to wiggle your fingers and your toes waking your body back up
from a more relaxed and peaceful state and whenever you’re ready slowly rise as
you open your eyes back to the room around you you