welcome go ahead and find a position
that makes you feel most comfortable whether that be seated or laying keep a
gentle gaze with the eyes or begin to gently close the eyes no matter where
you are or how much noise is around know that you have complete control over
finding stillness within throughout this short meditation I want you to continue
to follow my voice no worries if you find yourself drifting
off just catch yourself and draw your attention back to my voice being drawing the breath in through the
nose making this inhale slow and long exhaling through the mouth keeping your
exhale slow and long inhaling gently exhaling gently with each exhale the shoulders begin to
soften notice how with each exhale the tension is beginning to melt slowly
bringing a sense of calmness within the body the more you focus on my voice the
mental chatter begins to calm almost like a storm moving further away
dissipating into the distance begin to envision a bright warm Sun
kissing your skin completely engulfing your body and warmth hugging every inch
of your body continue to inhale slowly exhaling
gently through the mouth notice how the warmth of the Sun feels
on your skin observe how this warm bright Sun looks on your skin you feel
more and more relaxed as you soak in this moment full inhale through the nose maybe you feel your shoulders start to
slightly lift here as you breathe in nice long exhale sighing out all tension and the
shoulders know that you are worthy of this time
for relaxation to nurture the body and nurture the mind this meditation is here
any time you need taking this calmness along with you into
your day know that you have control over finding stillness within no matter where
you are namaste