Does it sometimes feel like your thoughts
are running on a hamster wheel in your mind? Give me a thumbs up if this has
ever happened to you. This five minute guided meditation for inner peace and
calm will give you a break from the chaos of your mind by teaching your
brain how to relax so that you can experience more inner peace and calm
more of the time. Here’s a quick tip: this meditation is not about clearing out the
thoughts. It’s actually your mind’s function to think, so you’re not “bad” at
meditating, I promise you. It’s also really important that your body is very
comfortable because otherwise your mind won’t relax. So feel free to sit, lie down
or even lie on your side during this practice. Subscribe and click the bell
notification button if you haven’t already because I post new guided
meditation videos every week and I always love hearing about your
experience in the comments after you practice. Let’s get right into this
five minute guided meditation for inner peace and calm.
Settle your body into its support and close your eyes. Make the light intention
now that there is nothing else to tend to manage or control that all you need
to do is be here and follow along with this voice
bring your full attention now to your breath
just noticing where it’s moving in your body without changing it notice the
feeling of breath in the abdomen region the ribcage lungs and chest throat and
nose become aware of all of these places at once starting to participate in your breath
with a minimal amount of effort just enough to feel the whole torso begin to
breathe with softness allow the bones to become heavier the
forehead to relax eyes grow heavy jaw releases the next time you inhale
imagine inhaling only through the left nostril bring the breath up to the
center of the forehead and imagine exhaling only through the right nostril
now inhale through the right nostril to the center of the forehead and exhale
down the left nostril go at a slow and steady pace back and
forth use less effort just visualize you continue this practice and the next time
you inhale add the word peace and as you exhale say mentally peace inhaling peace exhaling peace allow that word to soften in the folds
of your mind the breath to become smoother floating
from nostril to nostril until you come into a natural rhythm with yourself
where it almost feels as if you are not the one doing this practice you are
receiving it you the next time that you say peace and
breathe out your left nostril let that conclude the visualization with the word
and breathe in through both nostrils breathe out through both nostrils simply observe any effects of the
practice how it feels in your mind and in your heart and when you’re ready open your eyes
this meditation is complete