hey everybody it’s your personal trainer
coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a 5 Minute Fat Burning Cardio Warmup Exercise 5 Minute Warm Up Exercises Before Workout How to this is a
great warm up to perform before any strength training cardio or hit routines
basically any time really I follow along with me for the intermediate to advanced
exercises and follow me for the beginner modification now there’s no equipment
required for this warmup but you will see me holding a couple of very light
hand weights and I’m going to be using some water bottles but if you don’t have
an equipment it’s really not needed that’s like a little extra credit okay
so let’s get right into it I’m going to be doing I’m gonna grab my hand weights
and I’m going to be doing a photo rope so I’m going to be light and on the
balls the feet little jumps where Claudia’s going to do a jog in place
throughout today’s warm-up I want you to decide which version is right for you
either way we’re making nice little light touches keeping our knees bent
make sure to breathe throughout today’s warmup use this time to focus on what
motivates you what’s going to get you through that workout while you’re here
use this time to just get in that right mental state now we’re not going to
count any reps in today’s warm-up so it’s just about moving out of pace that
you feel comfortable with that’s right if I’m going a little too fast for you
just go ahead and slow it down a little bit or for moving way too slow feel free
to pick it up and speed it up let’s go ten more seconds and five four three two
one alright next moving into a seesaw row I’m going to do it from a split
stance position we’re both using our hand weights we’re going to pull back at
our elbows left arm and then right arm so I’m going to split stance which makes
it a little bit harder to stabilize and I’m in a neutral position so my feet are
just side by side about shoulder width apart either way once you’ve had your
weight back in your hips keep your back straight on this one and just pull from
those elbows left to right left or right if you’re in that split stance position
I want you to switch otherwise keep going good again like I said just
challenges your stability a little bit more in the split stance good breathe
hold back on those elbows every time warming up those that posterior chain
and your back muscles let’s go four five four three two one good ok next we’re
going to do a diagonal chop either with a squat or without feed your shoulder
width apart we’re going to reach down to one side rotate up and reach so I’m
going to squat weight back in my hips on this one as I come down and then up and
rotate well I almost did a squat I had to correct myself where Claudia just has
her weight back in her hips just a little bit but she’s not really breaking
at the knee you decide which of the two versions is going to be right to warm
you up today all right let’s switch sides opposite
side no reach down reach up in the cross great rotational movement getting that
core warmed up for whatever madness or workout you’re ready to start good keep
it up one into the next let’s go five four three two one zero
alright moving into punch outs next punch it up nice and high I’m gonna run
in place while I punch we’re claudi’s just going to go ahead and stand in one
spot either way I want you to bring those hands back to your chin and they
get a full extension we’re punching nice and high
warming those shoulders up making sure to breathe good starting to feel warm
how about you Claudia warming up warming up that’s cold and did you today so this
is warming us up as water bottles are actually really cool two more ways than
one hang out the garage huh yeah all right keep it up
keep moving guys let’s go let’s go ten more seconds we’re almost there
breathe five four three two one okay beater shoulder-width apart both our
arms are up mine now the difference between the two moves is I’m going to
reach down opposite toe touch weights back in my hips a little stretching that
backside or Claudia is going to really perform the same move but she’s only
going to come down and touch her knee so you decide which one of these two moves
is right for you I want you to treat your hips like a hinge bend over at them
push them back behind you and feel that stretch in your backside good loosening
up that posterior chain hamstrings glutes lower back good keep it up guys
not much left let’s go five four three two one all right moving into eight bent
over T fly so we’re both doing the same move
bend over back is straight the hands are facing one another and then as we come
up and separate we’re going to point our thumbs to the sky so hands palms are
facing in and as you come up won’t you point those thumbs up it’s
going to stretch out your chest open you up it’s a great one to improve posture
you sit in a car for any length of time we’re at a desk all day see this is a
great one to loosen up your chest and your upper body good loosen it up loosen
it up make sure to breathe throughout let’s go ten more seconds on this one
almost there and five four three two one all right moving right into a buck kick
I’m going to set my weights down we’re going to either go butt kick running in
place or a side to side butt kick like Claudia’s doing so either way kicking
those heels back kicking your own butt literally and
figuratively here good keep it up this is the last one in
today’s warm-up getting ready to start that workout here we go almost there
let’s just go ten more seconds of this one kicking that butt
here we go five four three two one zero warm-up complete nice and ready to go
now on to your workout if you did enjoy this warm-up please give it a big ol
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thank you so much for working out and joining us today I’m coach Kozak and I’m
Claudia and we will see you your next workout