Hey, everyone. It’s your personal trainer Coach Kozak And I’m claudia and this is a 5 Minute Cool Down Exercises After Workout Cool Down Stretch to Improve Flexibility Stretches this routine is specifically designed to improve mobility Throughout your entire body. Let’s begin Starting with an upright external rotation go ahead and use good posture bring your arms out to your side 90 degree Angles all around we’re going to go ahead and rotate your hands back And then forward go ahead and keep those upper arms parallel to the ground and only rotate at your hands [I] want you to feel a stretch as you rotate them back and throughout [all] of these moves today I want you to take it to about 85% of what you’re capable of I don’t take it to the point where it really Hurts, but just will you get a good stretch? Doing this range of motion ten times in total Go and do a couple more Making sure to breathe throughout keep those elbows up Let’s hit this last one and now let’s hold hold here [bringing] those hands back elbows are [up] Doing that nice stretch were holding for a total of 15 seconds The great lunge is to go ahead and loosen up those shoulders rotator cuffs Alright, let’s hold this one for five four three two one and zero Excellent. Shake them loose. Let’s go ahead and go to the floor for the next one. We’re going to do a downward dog so we’re both coming up onto our hands [and] The closer you walk your feet to your hands the harder. It’s going to be the further back you are the easier It’s going to be so you decide where you are today what I want you to try to bring those heels to the floor Keeping your bringing your hips back stretching those hips back And again you really decide on this one where you feel comfortable [there’s] more back here. That’s alright. If you’re super flexible, then that’s great, too And you’ll see both Claudia, and I use a little technique where we alternate that between a right and left leg Learn this one from our friend [jean] [vigo]. It’s a nice little way to isolate one leg at a time Let’s go ahead and hold this downward dog for ten more seconds breathe Good let’s go five four three Two one and zero come up slowly [letting] that blood Redistribute back in the body [you] know what you want now once you pass it out, okay? We’re going to do a single arm stretch here on the wall. We’re going to open up that chest [then] place [one] hand on the wall and the closer you get to that wall The harder that stretch is going to be the further away. You are the easier will be you decide where you’re at today? We’re going to stretch that chest if you want to add a little extra [you] can circle then turn your body in the opposite Direction Away from your arm And we’re just holding this one for fifteen seconds and [do] each arm separately good breathe give this one in your chest shoulder [biceps] and Break let’s go ahead and hit [that] opposite side now Opposite arm again the closer you get to that wall The Deeper that stretch is going to be If you want you can go and turn away from that wall It was really love this one. Deep stretch. I can put them in bicep Definitely, I feel it my bicep as well this one hits a loop all the moves were using today hit a lot of different muscles At the [same] time so trying to be efficient in today’s cooldown. Let’s hit this one for five more seconds Three two and one excellent, okay last one we’re going to do we’re going to go to the ground We’re going to open up those hips so we’re going to go ahead and sit flat on the ground Both knees are at a 90 degree angle that’s really the key on this one Just go ahead and sit up both knees at a 90 and you’ll feel that Immediate stretch on your [hips] you can either stay right where claudia and I are right now or you can turn it into a pigeon Which you’re going to go ahead and take that foot closer to you Take the opposite leg back behind and you can roll up onto That leg you decide which variation is right for you today? Depending on your flexibility. Maybe you start with the just the 90 90 where claudia’s at and move on to the pigeon? All right, you’ll not stretch here four three two One and zero let’s go ahead and switch and hit the opposite side now again keeping good posture as we sit with both knees bent at a 90 degree angle and If you feel so [inclined] you can go and pull that foot in throw that opposite leg back and drop into a pigeon Zone that nice Deep stretch in the hips Definitely tighter on the left side than I am the right time you know we all [though] is interesting to find out things about yourself [wrong] Which is week to week right depending on which workouts. You’ve done Your body is definitely in ever needing Restoration need I always need to be working on it getting that recovery going that’s [it] three two one and zero Go ahead and come up, and you’re all done excellent Thank you so much for working out [with] us today if you [like] [this] workout You’ve been working out with [those] for a while, [and] you’re starting to see some results We’d encourage you to please go check out our Patreon page where you can learn more [about] how you can support our mission of keeping these great workouts free and if you enjoyed working Out with us today Please go ahead and like this video and don’t [forget] to subscribe to [our] YouTube [channel] that way you are notified Every time has to it drops a new workout Make sure [to] check out has [bit] [comm] for hundreds of additional free workouts free meal plans and our free complete Fitness [program] Also, don’t forget to like us on whatever your favorite social Media network is whether it’s Facebook Snapchat Twitter instagram We’re there, and we want to connect with you again. Thank you so much for working out with us today. It’s been our pleasure I’m coach Kozak and I’m claudia [and] we will see you at [your] next workout