Hi everybody, I’m Camila from Miaerba, thoughtfully sourced naturally made skincare and I’m here with Lindsey Weissert from A
Life Well-Balanced. “Yes, so excited”. And we’re here today to show you a very easy do-it-yourself anti-aging face oil that you can use at home. We’re going to talk to you a little bit about the ingredients that we’re going to use. It’s pretty basic and straightforward but they’re very powerful and nutrient filled ingredients that are going to show you some great results on your skin. So we’ll get to it. Today we’re going to be talking about using essential oils, basically going straight to plant power we talked a lot. “100% of all these ingredients are only plant based. So we’ve pulled out four of our favorite essential oils that we love to use in our skin in our daily morning and our night routines. The very first one that I’m going to talk about is frankincense. Frankincense is the king of oils. This is very powerful. It has astringent properties, very good for helping you get rid of any free radicals. We live and breathe free radicals. They’re toxins that are in our air and the food we eat, and medicines that we take and we need antioxidants and we need things to help get rid of those free radicals. So anything with an astringent property can help get rid of any dirt or stuff. “It’s basically just fight off the pollution. It also is going to help even out your skin tone, reduces the appearance of sun spots, age spots and large pores.” “Yes, that’s a good one. Reducing pores makes your skin look younger.” “Totally. Then we have lavender essential oil. Lavender is very soothing, also helps with pigmentation, also helps reduce the visibility of wrinkles, and it’s just very lovely and very safe on the skin. It’s very gentle. This is actually the only essential oil that can be applied safely directly onto your skin and usually we say to dilute essential oils a little bit with a little fractionated coconut oil or we’re using hazelnut oil today but lavender, if you wanted to apply it directly onto your skin, it’s safe to do so.” “Yes, and speaking of the free radicals, lavender is one of the only essential oils that can actually create the three antioxidants that we need in our body to get rid of these free radicals.” “Right. It helps to produce those.” “It helps to produce those so you can use this one, cuts, scrapes, burns. When you get a sunburn, put lavender on. Put it on your face, it’s awesome. Another one that we love so much is sandalwood. It smells delicious. It smells woody. You’ll find this actually in a lot of cosmetics or anti-aging products that you’ll be looking for but the thing about when you’re buying products that have essential oils in them, you don’t know the purity and the
effectiveness of essential oils so that’s why we say, “Go straight to the source.” But essential oils are natural cleansing, purifying, anti-redness properties, and all-around anti-aging.” “It’s very astringent as well so it’ll help to tighten and firm your skin, and give you that youthful glow.” “Which is always good. The final one is geranium. Geranium is widely known too. It has astringent properties again. You’ll see all of these that we’re talking about have very common properties (similar properties), hence why they’re good for your skin anti-aging. But geranium is really good. It’s very good for tightening the pores again so if you have oily skin, you could make a toner with geranium. You could just mix some a little bit of apple cider vinegar and water and put some geranium in it and you have your own natural toner. So those are kind of the four essential oils that we recommend when it comes to skin care. “So we’ll tell you a little bit about hazelnut oil too, it’s very special. Hazelnut oil is very moisturizing. It also helps to combat excess oil so it helps to reduce the over activity in oil glands, so it’s very good for acne prone skin. It’s good for sensitive skin as well. It has flavonoids. It’s got tons of nutrients, antioxidants as well, so it’s a very gentle, safe plant-based oil to use as a carrier oil for essential oils.” “So, that’s the oil we’re using today for the serum. We’re going to make a good morning or night serum.” “I typically use it at night. I have oily skin so I like to use my face oil at night. Like I said, use hazelnut oil because it helps to balance out my natural skin sebum. When I wake up in the morning, I’m not oily at all. It just feels very smooth and bright so I use it at night. Really at night, our bodies are absorbing what we’re putting on our skin and it’s a great time to repair and recover from the day’s work. So what we have here is a little 2 ounce dropper and we’re going to go ahead and place some of the hazelnut oil. You’re basically doing probably, almost 98% of it is going to be your carrier oil.” “So you need a little bit under 2 ounces of oil.” “Exactly. I think we’ll focus on lavender and frankincense today. We can do 2 to 3 drops of each one.” “Remember essential oils are really pure and potent. You’re going straight to the source, so whenever you work with essential oils, you only need a couple drops. And always dilute them because they are very strong.” And what’s nice about this as well is that oil blends with oil, so once you finish placing your drops inside, you can close it up and just give it a little soft shake.” “You don’t want to shake it really heavily?” “No, you don’t necessarily want to create a lot of air bubbles. Air bubbles, is a call for yeast or mold or bacteria. Again oils in general, tend to have a long shelf life. They’re antibacterial, antioxidant so they’ll fight off bacteria and whatnot on their own. This can last you a good amount of time safely without having to add any preservatives. As soon as you get any water in here, you can forget about it.” “Yeah, that’s important to know you don’t want to cause contaminates with water that will breed bacteria and then your skincare serum is bad.” “And there you go. You have a beautiful face oil for a nighttime use and that only took me about 30 seconds to make.” “It’s just so nice. You can remake it. It’s safe, it’s cost-effective, it’s natural. You know exactly what you are making. You’re going straight to the source. That’s why we always recommend and plant-based skin care or using essential oils to create your own skin care. So the oils that we’ve actually been talking about today, is from the brand called doTERRA. You can go down to the grocery store and you’ll see essential oils but the problem is you could never guarantee if the oils you are getting are 100% safe and pure. And the reason why you want to use essential oils in the first place is for the therapeutic properties. So doTERRA oils are a 100% certified pure therapeutic grade oils, so we know exactly where they come from, where they’re harvested. They’re harvested in their natural environment, in the countries that the plant has actually grown. So you know exactly what you’re getting. This is why we recommend doTERRA. If you would like to know about getting any of these oils and the ones that we made today, leave a comment below. I also have a link to where you can order them. “So those are our tips for anti-aging. Good luck. And if you end up making it we would love for you to share what you used, how you used it, and even how it’s been effective for you.” “Yes, go ahead if you do. If you have Instagram, you can tag us @miaerba and @alifewellbalanced because we always love to see people making their own skincare products. So guys hope you enjoyed that video. If you liked it, please leave a comment give us a thumbs up. Thanks for watching. Have a great one. See you next time.