Hi everyone, welcome to homebodylive. I’m Sheila and I’m going to lead you in a mini workout It’s especially important with what we’re all experiencing presently to keep our bodies strong Please remember to workout at your own pace and at your own ability and listen to your body Remember to inhale and exhale and if you don’t have weights But what resistance please use water bottles or cans? And also, please remember to hydrate drink water before during and after the workout We’re going to start today with a little warm-up marching in place Lifting our knees Pumping our arms. We want to get our heart rate going We want to raise it. We also want to warm up the body get the blood flowing Here we go up and down Marching in place again, March at your own pace March a little slower, March a little faster This is all about you, I’m just showing you the way We’re going to change the movement we’re going to tap it out with our arms and our feet and tap tap Tap tap tap tap again. We’re just warming up the body Tap-tap tap-tap Right-left right-left warming up the body getting the blood flowing You never want to exercise and do strength training before you’ve warmed up a little bit And one more to each side and back to tapping or watching you place We’re going to tap out again only this time We’re going to tap Taking our feet forward and we’re going to pull back With our arms and here we go tap tap Breathe breathe deeply through your lungs Tap Tap tap tap tap It’s a tap and pull if it’s hard for you to do both at the same time, then just do the tapping Three more Two and last one and back to marching You want to try and keep your stomach tight engage your core and March just a little bit longer and Then we’re going to start working on some lower body exercises And take the tapping down Breathe And stop Good job. The first exercise we’re going to do is squats So when you’re doing the squat, the most important thing is you want to make sure your knees stay behind your toes so you want to Picture a chair being behind you and you’re squatting to sit in that chair Now it’s up to all of you to decide how deep of a squat you want But you never want to go where your backside is lower than your knees so they shoulder-width apart and squat Squat These are slow and controlled You also want to keep your body upright engage the core and That’s five Six Seven Make sure you’re breathing eight Nine and Ten good job and March it out If when you’re doing any of these it’s exercises and you think that you’re holding your breath just count along with me And back to squats again shoulder width apart Sticking your butt back and it’s one two Three Keep the knees behind your toes four five Six Seven eight Nine and Last one Good job All righty and back to marching Our next exercise is a side leg lift You can grab a chair and hold on to it Make sure it’s a sturdy chair or hold your kitchen counter It’s not if you have good balance And can do without holding on to anything. That’s perfect also Here we go one Two three Four want to keep the body upright five Six Seven eight nine And ten And March it out So when you’re doing these you don’t want the body to sway. It doesn’t have to be up I left Switching sides too left ten Nine eight Seven six Five four three Two and one March it out The marching in between is to relieve the pressure that your legs may feel if you’re finding that the supporting leg is Getting too stiff you can bend into the knee. It takes the pressure off of it Coming back to the first leg the right side one Two Three Four Five Six Seven eight Nine and ten March it out and switch to the left side. Ten nine eight Seven six Five Four Three Two and last One good job Check out your legs We’re going to do calf raises Again, holding onto a chair or your kitchen counter something very sturdy you’re coming up on your toes and down come up on your toes and Down so your heels are lifting up And you’re coming down and this is four and Five and six These exercises are very good to help with balance seven They keep your legs strong eight Nine Ten we’re going to continue on eleven Twelve Thirteen fourteen Fifteen Sixteen for more you’re doing great seventeen Eighteen nineteen And last one twenty Good job. Our next exercise is a leg extension If you can grab it, yeah we’re going to sit down in it and What you’re going to do here is sitting at the edge of the chair holding underneath you’re going to lift your leg a few inches off the floor and you’re going to bring your leg out and Back when you’re extending your leg You don’t want to walk out your I always leave a little bend or else it puts too much pressure into your kneecap and This is 5 6 7 e 9 and Last one is 10 you’re working your quadricep, which is your muscle right here at the top of your leg It’s the best biggest muscle group in your body switching legs to the left side sitting upright It’s 10 9 8 don’t lock out your knee seven Six Five four Three Two and last One Good job Shake out your legs And we’re going to do one more set on each side Starting with your right side again. You want to sit upright? You may want to grab underneath the chair and please do not lock out your name bring your leg up and It’s one Two three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine and ten Little Shake out and switch sides ten Nine eight Seven six Five four Three Two And One and shake out your legs Good job, while you’re sitting here in the chair. We’re going to do a setup of the a set of abdominals You’re going to bring opposite elbow to opposite knee So you’re going to bring your left arm behind your head and you’re going to bring your right knee up two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight nine And Ten so you’re working all the three areas of your abdominals switching sides and it’s one two Three Four Five Six Seven eight Nine And Ten. Good job. Take a deep breath And exhale We’re going to do one more set on each side starting with your left arm and your right knee and it’s ten nine eight Seven Six five four three Two last one shake it out take a deep breath and switch sides ten nine eight Seven six five Four three Two and last One good job going to stand up watch your weight. Put your chair away Grab the weight or your water bottles or you cans If you’re using resistance And we’re going to start with bicep curls. This is the muscle group at the front of your arm at the top palms facing forward and Elbows into your side as though they’re glued there and it’s one two Three Four Five Six seven make sure you’re breathing E9 and Last one for ten We’re going to go into tricep push backs. You’re going to bring your arm up So the top of your arm is parallel to the steel ceiling your hands is by your breast and you’re pushing back and coming forward and back and forward You’re not moving at your shoulder The only part of the arm that is from your elbow to your hands and 5 6 7 e 9 and last one for 10 and Switch to the other side bring your arm up and push back 2 3 4 5 6 7 Exhale eat Exhale 9 and exhale 10 Good job, and the last upper body exercise we’re doing in this rotation is bringing your arms up in an L formation and You’re lifting from your shoulders. Do not shrug into them. This is a lap raise 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and last one 10 Good job roll your shoulders Release the tension and we’re going to start again with the bicep curls elbows in glued at your side palms facing forward and it’s 1 2 3 4 5 Six Seven eight Nine and ten Good job and back to tricep push backs Again, bringing your arm up. So it’s parallel with the ceiling and pushing back and back Back Four Five Six keep your shoulder stationary seven Eight Nine and Last one Switching to the other side bring your arm up and it’s one two Three Four if those weights are starting to feel heavy by all means put them down 7e9 And Last one good job Last arm exercise another set of lap raises