Hey guys, how are you? I’m Marcelo
Freitas water polo coach from SESI/SP I will show you today ten
exercises with PullBall, which is a equipment that we attach to the ball
a rubber band that we attach to the ball for us to work movement
specific water polo within the water ok so stay with us there we go
watching this video thanks That’s it guys!
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subscribe to the channel ok and I wanted to leave three very important tips for you
who will use these exercises: first warm up your shoulder well, work
very preventive shoulder exercises that this movement works much more
internal rotator cuff, you will need compensate with the external rotator cuff muscles. Do not forget also to vary work the right arm, arm
left work both sides so as not to getting decompensated. Is very importante to capricious
technique in the execution of the movement well in position don’t miss that kind of
foundation technique, because that doesn’t it will be cool so try the elastic
enough for you not to lose the technique and no one exercise, this is very
important. Alright!? Thanks! bye!…