introducing bazillion shiatsu pillow
massager the shiatsu massager has two different
settings for ultimate relaxation massage in heat and just massage hold down the
button for three seconds to turn it off the massager is easy to use just ensure
that the connections are tight you should hear a click then just plug it
into a home outlet or a car socket the shiatsu massager has an ultra slim organ
ohmic design which contours perfectly around lower and upper back neck abdomen
calf and thigh areas the massage motors are also very powerful to ensure a deep
massage now sit back relax and let the zilean shiatsu massager relieve all your
aches knots and muscle tension neck massager how can we have a long
journey without it Nyholm massage pillow advanced intelligent heating function
soothe aching muscles ligaments and tendons
ergonomic w design massage pillow fits perfectly against the cleanse board
shape of your neck automatically change the rotation directions of the wheel per
minute bring unprecedented extraordinary experience to my soul make your journey
better instantly make any chair a comfortable
place to really relax and easy to use remote lets you select a massage where
you need it most from your neck all the way down your
back feel the soothing kneading motion contact points that can reach everywhere
you need air bags that apply a soothing pressure feel the stress melt away from head to
toe arms gently knead the stress out of your neck the Handy remote is simple and
easy to use you are just the touch of a button away from the massage you you’re finally home exhausted and
stressed aching everywhere after a hectic day you could really go for a
massage right now but you can barely even move and you’d rather spend your
money on something else instead of the spa don’t you wish a masseuse would just
magically appear right now and help you out introducing info Spa shiatsu neck
and shoulder massager the best in the market the info spa massager is designed
with eight massage roller balls big and small to provide a deep tissue massage
it has to massage directions that auto-reverse
each minute mimicking the motion of an in person massage experience after work
just put the info spa on your neck and shoulders to relax those tense muscles
it has three speed strength levels to choose from so you can select the right
intensity for your need choose between low intensity medium intensity and high-intensity for that aching back
from running after kids all day or for sore muscles after an intense training
or workout in BO spas exceptional heat function deeply penetrates the body
relieving muscle tightness and adding further relaxation the perfect ending to
your long day with its superior technology in voz ba is made with a
strong reliable motor making sure that the Invo spa delivers a strong massage
and last you a long time the info spa is made of quality leather light material
that is nice to the touch for your ultimate comfort
it’s breathable mesh material allows maximum heat penetration and flexibility
of the massage nodes and best of all in BO spa is super portable plug it into
your car and squeeze in some well-deserved relaxation while running
errands the Invo spa massager comes in a portable and durable carry bag plus a
wall adapter and car charger the perfect gift for yourself or loved ones it’s not
just any massager in the market grab your info spa and get the most
relaxation the most relief and the most out of your money get yours on today you introducing the revolutionary zillion
shiatsu neck and back massager cushion with gazillion massager it’s easy to
experience complete massage relief at home or in the office the sleek design
offers a premium grade shiatsu massage therapy to relieve achy muscles and
improved blood circulation with this advanced massager you can customize your
massage experience with two different sets of shouts and massage modes one for
your neck and one for your back the back massage nodes have two different
settings you can choose rotating shiatsu massage or a relaxing rolling massage
take your relaxation a step further and adjust the back notes to separately
target your upper back lower back or fullback you can also adjust the
direction and height of the nodes in the neck feature to help you relieve muscle
tension where you need it most elevate your massage experience and turn
on the heat feature there’s even three levels of vibration intensity on the
massage the seat cushion to give you the complete massage experience the zilean
massager is covered under a one-year warranty and a 90-day money-back
guarantee so you can try risk-free now relax and experience a whole new level
of at-home massage with gazillion shiatsu neck and back massager back in neck massager do too much housework let’s give
ourselves more care vibration seat massage with three levels of intensity
max shiatsu massage for swinging balls plus 3d rollers for your back dream
massage areas of back full upper and lower back 3d deep kneading shiatsu
massage for your neck and back make you feel more comfortable lay down the
burden of the body get full-body massage anywhere you want the goal of Massage Therapy is to
release tension in the muscles and get them back to their normalized state my
name is Laura Jenkins and I am a licensed and board certified massage
therapist pure wave does not replace hand therapy instead it acts as a tool
to go alongside with it it’s great for the in-between times when you’re not
with a therapist it’s good for at home maintenance when you’re not able to see
a massage therapist this will help but I love about the pure wave is the
versatility there’s literally an attachment for every body type
so the point stick is really great for the trapezius muscle it’s this larger
muscle upper neck to the shoulder blades tons for trigger points so using the
point stick on that meaty area you don’t want to go on to the bone or on to the
clavicle the collarbone I’m gonna get right in that meeting area you can also
go along the shoulder blade so you have your scapula you don’t want to go on the
bone you want to go alongside it that’s where a ton of trigger points are and
this tool really gets into those areas so it’s great about the pure wave is
that in comparison to other massagers on the market is that one is cordless so I
can take it anywhere I can reach areas without being wrapped up and tangled
with the courts it’s also just over all the attachments are softer like this air
cushion stick it’s similar to a tennis ball I recommend a lot of my clients use
tennis balls for certain areas this is kind of a similar concept it’s a silicon
head it allows air to go through so it’s pliable it’s movable it’s moving with
you whatever it’s hitting it has that give to it one of the areas that I said
this is great for is shoulders you can really get into the PEC muscles you can
get in to all the attachment sites on the shoulder blade it’s also really
really good for the knee have a lot of clients that have the issues the
attachment side of where the IT band goes into the knee and using other
massage tools the heads are really hard in the knees super delicate area so this
air cushion stick allows you to really brush alongside the knee attachment
sites of the IT band medial lateral aspects of the need without damaging or
hurting or injuring so one of the more aggressive heads to the pure waves is a
success stick I really like this for the larger muscle areas I’m talking about
the hamstrings quads and also the calves the calves are really hard area to reach
I recommend clients use tennis balls foam rollers this is amazing for that
because it’s going in it’s shaking up that calf muscle right in the muscle
belly without hitting any trigger points over cause pain also your caps are
really hard to reach on your own and really offer it so this allows you to
like get down there really nicely I also really like this on my low back it’s not
for everybody but your quadratus lumborum that area of your back between
your lower rib and right above your pelvis it’s really nice to get in there
I recommend it usually over clothing just because it is a little abrasive and
again you want to keep this one away from the bony area so you don’t want to
go along the spine you want to stay in those meaty
muscles so the skull massage stick goes onto the threaded part so the other
heads you twist them on this one you’re just going to slip over the threaded
part this is really great to access all of those neck muscles your
scaly and it’s your SCM going into the suboccipital a lot of
people who have neck issues have headaches and that’s all the scalp
muscles so one of the attachments is the massage oil stick this also goes on the
threaded area of the stick and you just simply slide it on there this is great
because how many times have you tried to put any type of pain relieving topical
cream on your body and either you’re trying to reach behind your back and you
can’t get into the spot you need or you find a spot you put it on and then you
go and rub your eye and then you’re in pain so what I love about this is that
you don’t even have to put your hands in the cream and it allows you to reach all
those hard-to-reach areas behind your back you don’t have to bug your friend
or you’re just going to be another to do it for you the versatility of the facial
massage stick is that it can be used for your face on this more gentle micro
vibration side but you can also use it on the percussion side and what’s really
great about this is when you want to use it kind of like the massage oil stick on
joints such as elbows you can go ahead and put topical treatment right on the
elbow and use this a little bit firmer pressure getting the massage and the
actual application of the cream