/ REPAIRING / TONING Hands; Feet, Elbows ; Knees Today, let’s go for a new
recipe. This time, a magic lotion which I call: “My luxurious lemon lotion”
! This lotion smells very good, with a color
Lemon yellow, a more or less viscous appearance and a texture very pleasant.
It serves to clear up and repair hands,
feet, elbows and knees. It is used also on the buttocks to lighten
and eliminate the buttons (In this case prioritize essential oil
tea-tree) and offering you pretty NICKEL buttocks ready to put on
in a bikini for the summer! Try it and adopt it !!!
Ingredients : 2 tbsp vegetable glycerin (Play it
basic role for the recipe you can replace it with olive oil if you
have very dry skin) 1 tbsp lemon juice (whitening /
Blemish) 1/4 tsp baking soda (Cheek
the role of antiseptic and regulator) 5 drops of lavender HE (or tea-tree)
in button case) 5 drops of PPE (For storage / 2
week at room temperature) The preparation :
Mix everything, cold, in a small bowl using a spoon.
Store your preparation in a small jar glass with cover and use it morning
and evening on clean skin. NB: This lotion is not used on the face
because the dosages are too strong. Unless that you mix a little bit with your cream
moisturizing. This lotion leaves your hands and feet
incredibly sweet.