and here the ladies sit waiting when they pass
customers here are the same one hour prices full massage relaxing aloe
faith 450 but here it is shown as a charity on
what organs and act massage here hanging poster
Let’s see open at 10-00 and happy hours 50%
here is 10 to 2 ok if as
do right on such points interact to work organs
here all painted eyes kidney bones where necessary
to massage your bones are your knees
you see for a massage
we will shoot with Sergey how to do massage how do massage people lie to myself my
the girl did a good massage last time yes happy faces Seryozhina girl got a heavy share
knead 47 legs lies there she rests poor work
good for you Seryozha tell about your impressions later
OK will repeat how many more courses
will pass enough here is you name met our massage therapist girls are waiting for their clients oh what’s his wallet on dad
to myself and here is Aonang Beach
high season we are a little bit last time were early
day of November 11th and of course to the people significantly more than last year on
the beach and there is such
interesting pavement entertainment springing Serezha now
will ride but
just walks under your feet like a pillow people who don’t know are becoming
surprised very funny cool now show you the hotel
it is still under construction ready but two months ago already hung on
booking coma on him booking price lists and there were very good breakfast discounts inclusive and we almost bought later
a little thought and decided to abstain because we have a chance
Cambodia Phnom Penh booked hotel Agooda
paid his hotel was by the river we liked the place at the center
near the sights and we booked it for two days
we are going from the airport by taxi we leave and our jaw just dropped
because the hotel is still on stage there was no window construction
chandelier already workers like monkeys crawled out
to look like fools we are shocked because we are tired from the airport
flew a very long time 10 hours well well the driver says let me take you now
explore close there is a hotel dear to me here it is the answer to
we booked a room for 30 bucks there Immediately room is not bad all in the tree
beautifully unpleasant serozha true then demanded money from them
but nevertheless left here such is the impression of course when
in the evening you arrive tired it is not very nice here are such situations
vital therefore here this time we decided to protect themselves from such and
what you did and well, just the high season started this mountain is visible from ours
balcony beautiful scenery from afar