Hello, everyone! Today, I ‘d like to do “Room Tour”! Thank you for your many requests. This room is about 6-tatami mat size. We pasted wallpaper by ourselves, and do a little DIY. Finally, this room is completed over 2 months. So, let’s start!! The whole room looks like this. I’d like to introduce around desk. This desk that I had introduced at previous room tour. I bought this desk at Rakuten ichiba. It was about 5,500 yen. (Before I told 10,000 yen. I had a mistake sorry…) And this is IKEA’s chest. ALEX. This chest is made of wood, so I think this is strong. I have cosmetics here. Eye shadows and palettes. I have cosmetics in MUJI’s acrylic case. But it is not enough so I put here,too. I haven’t organized much here. If I can organize, I would like to introduce this area. By the way, height of desk and chest are same. And these are very perfect size, I put side by side. But actually, these are different color, I’m a little concerned about that. But It is useful, so I put side by side. This is a NITORI’s acrylic tissue case. I bought this about 700 yen. And this is MUJI’s acrylic case. I put lips and cheeks. These are MUJI’s acrylic stands. I put eye-liners and eye-brows. And I put make brushes. This is plastic cup I bought Flying-tiger. I thought makeup sponge are just size to put on. And here I put IKEA’s speaker (ENEBY). I can listen to music easy if I connect smartphone by Bluetooth. And I put a charger for wireless microphone at bedside table. While I stretch at the bed, I listen to music from this speaker. Next, this char. I changed color by white paint.
You can see the process of change “ROOM MAKE OVER” The details are not beautiful. haha. But I like this shape. I put MUJI’s trash at my feet. And I attached shelf IKEA’s “MOSSLANDA” on the wall. 499yen. There is a groove for learning things. I put a photo frame and a clock there. I bought this photo frame at ELEMENTS at Rakuten shop. Golden Edge design. I put illustration which I printed. This clock I use same thing at living room, too. I bought at IKEA. This shape of candle was changed I used many times. I bought this at NITORI. To prevent clock is drop, I put this candle side by clock. I am sorry, it is difficult to see. This is dried pampas grass. And this open rack is I have used it for some time. IKEA’s open rack. I could construct by myself. It was easy. NITORI’s floor lamp. 1,380yen. I hang tulle like this. Before, lighting code just came out. It was not beautiful. So I bought wiring cover at Amazon, I attached. I bought one with double-sided tape. Through the wiring inside this cover and I attached pillar of this chest. The lower is like this. I bought this accessory stand at ELEMENTS. Marble pattern is good design ( 980 yen ) And I bought marble tray under the candle at Les Signes. This is candle I tried to make by myself. I bought mold and I made candle exactly. But candle wick is opposition. I didn’t know the answer. And there is store in Tokyo “SOSTRENE GRENE” So I went there. There are many candles. I bought this. With label. I bought this candle at “SOSTRENE GRENE” This color is so cute. A little dull color. And I bought this dried flower at flower shop in Sapporo.( I live in Sapporo before) I bought this vase at DAISO. Wow moutheless (not “kaban=bag” )haha The color is exquisite! I love this. And I bought this photo frame at “SOSTRENE GRENE” Originally, this was more brown color. But I painted white color. I use “Solid White” And I printed an illustration. Next lower row, like this. Before I introduced “my accessories collection”. This is MUJI’s strage partition. And acrylic case is DAISO. 200yen. This accessories stand I introduced at same video. I bought this at ELEMENTS (1,980yen) And white color candle and candle stand. Bottom row, I put a Printer. I use this kitchen cross (MUJI) as a cover. (690yen) Next around bed. I was asked which shop did I buy? Iam sorry… I forgot… This bed has 3 drawers. This duvet cover is MUJI’s. And white cushion cover is Francfranc I use small cushion so this is not volume. This pink one is NITORI’s. It looks shiny. And I attached this wall shelf ( There is a distance from the bed )
This shelf is SOSTRENE GRENE. This is aroma wax bar. I made at My christmas present event. This is like prototype. This is MUJI’s mini calendar. So cute. I bought this candle at “Little Rooms” Cloud shape candle. And Original hand made candle (small one). And I put rings here. This partition is MUJI’s. I put bed side tabel here. This is NITORI’s photo frame This is MUJI’s Aroma diffuser. MUJI’s coaster. This is IKEA’s wireless smartphone charger (1,999yen). When I charge my smartphone , I just put on here. So I like it. This cord is through the gap of tray table. This is ZARA HOME’s candle holder. This is Francfranc’s marble coaster. And I put candle holder on this coaster. I bought LED light with remote controller (999yen). like this. By the way, another type LED was bought, It can change the color and intensity of lights, It was 2,999 yen. But I thought that this is better color more than that. Lighting body is like this. Greige body. When this light turn on, room is like this. Bottom of the bed, I attached LED tape light. I introduced that at “Room Makeover”. I can adjustable brightness. From a distance. If I turn-off the room lights, the atmosphere is like this. When I go to bed, I turn of the room lights like this, I listen to healing music from this speaker. I can relax. I feel refresh just being in this space. I would like to send video from this room. Thank you for your watching! And thank you so much your sweet comments 🙂