it’s saturday today I’m about to go to grocery shopping but since it’s so hot outside i’m bringing my mini fan, my eco bag, my cell phone and wallet! This is what i’m bringing with me to go shopping I’m about to go out I have plans today On sundays, I normally don’t step out of my house that’s why i go shopping beforehand I have to pack my lunchbox for work I’m also baking and buy things to eat on Sundays I’m going to go now it’s so hot ㅠㅠ i’m going now bye~ as soon as i get outside, the cuteness of today turned on my mini fan since it’s so hot arrived at the mart! buying (dried) laver and yogurt and ripe avocados also picking one grapefruit lastly, honey! the eco bag is full Since it was so hot, i went into lotteria (burger place) on inpulse ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!! ice cream to cool down the heat delicious ice cream cone that i haven’t eaten in a long time wow it’s hot its hot~(what to do about summer…) I arrived home the things i bought at the market are first, honey i need it when i blend some ingredients to make juice so i bought honey next, i bought an avocado and a grapefruit (dried) laver! and yogurt This is what i bought to eat for Sunday I’ll make another video on Sunday Bye Saturday~~~ Sunday was bright I went to the umf festival on Saturday and overslept Cloudy weather drinking lukewarm water after waking up yesterdays bought avocado it’s perfectly ripe oh my gosh… Storing the other side in a ziplock bag Slicing the avocado to eat better I’ll put the rest in the fridge Egg plop thawed multigrain rice Put the egg and avocado on top Sprinkle sesame seeds Cut laver Mix sesame oil and red chili powder in soy sauce tada~ We completed our lunch you can pour the soy sauce I really like the yolk so i don’t cook it all the way Delicious egg and avocado bibimbap eating together with crunchy pepper I was really hungry so I ate diligently Watching ‘I Live Alone’ while eating is happiness Cleaning up right after eating Also washing dishes right after Preparing dessert Tada I’m going to use this to make grapefruit juice I bought this at Mangwon-dong last time Let’s try making this Very firmly, wring it out there’s a lot of grapefruit extract on the left side Putting in ice Bright grapefruit color Putting in honey as well Cleaning what spilled out right away Cleaning up I bought this spoon the last time I went to Busan Refreshing (It’s really delicious) The fresh grapefruit juice that’s gone in an instant I turned on the tv to watch “Cats Don’t Come When You Call” (Japanese movie) A happy weekend is eating and watching a movie while laying down (this is not a freeze frame) The movie was so calming that i fell asleep in the middle When i woke up, the movie had finished….feelings after watching the movie: I want to raise a cat I am one with my bed on the weekends Getting up after laying down for a while For my baking hobby, I’m taking note of the recipe Today is eggtart! Since i’m making eggtarts, I’m going to eat some as well as give some to my coworkers tomorrow (3 people on my team) I’m going to make the eggtarts now Make the dough first Put all the flour in Pour 50 grams of water~ and a little bit of salt also add the butter I made the dough Put dough in a plastic bag Put dough in refrigerator Leave it there while making the cream and doing the dishes We’ll take it back out later Making the cream Pour all the ingredients in Mix on low heat until it gets slightly thick The cream is finished Pour the cream into a piping bag Lay a wrap on the table I took the dough out of the refrigerator Spread out the dough and stamp circles in the appropriate sizes Press the dough tightly like this so the mold holds its place Squeeze the cream into the mold Shake up and down Bake at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes in the oven I was going to eat vegetable pancake since it was suppose to rain but it didn’t rain but i’m still going to eat it anyways There’s still some ingredients leftover from when I made vegetable pancake last holiday frozen shrimp chives! I stored these leftovers It was delicious the last time I made it so I’m making it again Pancake mix pat pat Put in shrimp Cut the shrimp Put a generous amount of chives Once you mix it, the dough is finished~~ (It’s super easy right?) Fry in frying pan I want to eat it.. Tada~ It’s all fried I fried 3 but I’m going to eat two of them with ramen I’m going to pack this one in my lunchbox for work tomorrow neoguli (brand of ramen) again! I’ve fallen in love with neoguli these days but this time, there are 2 pieces of kelp Dinner table setting Starting from the ramen Eating the delicious vegetable pancake too A very delicious and well eaten dinner The last bite! Since I ate well, I clean up right away While I was eating dinner, the eggtarts finished baking Moving the well baked eggtarts onto a plate Tada~ Here are 6 eggtarts I will eat two of them Drinking cold brew coffee with the eggtarts Trickling ~ I received this coffee (myf cold brew coffee) as a present But when this delivery came, it came together with this bottle bag Like this~ I feel like it would be nice to take this out when you go on a picnic or something like that Later when i go on picnics I’ll purchase a separate one to take with me. That would be nice. The purpose of this product is really good They said that the sale proceeds will go to plant trees around the world that are in need of trees and save coffee farms That’s why I will certainly buy their coffee in the future I’ll eat my eggtart with my coffee now I only tasted the coffee but it’s so aromatic The smell is also strong I’ll eat the eggtart now Tada~ It’s warm I made it but it’s really delicious Every time i make eggtarts it’s not easy to make the outside part thin giving a coffee refill~ one more I diligently ate my dessert while watching tv It’s so good Watching a re-run of Heart Signal I’m bringing these to work tomorrow so I’ve got to pack them I bought these at daiso eggtart bags I bought it for 1,000 won Packing them one by one I’m going to stick a sticker here Attaching cute stickers one by one Tada~ doing it like this, I’m going to bring it to work tomorrow I need to pack my lunchbox for work now and wash up and sleep Spam making another appearance Frying spam Tomorrows lunchbox is.. should I call it avocado sushi? Anyways, I’ll make that Multigrain rice Pour vinegar with sesame oil/ a spoonful amount Cut the avocados to an appropriate thickness Also cut the laver vertically and long Making spam sushi Tada It’s cute right? Avocado sushi It would have been nicer if there was wasabi but the expiration date had passed so i had to pass…. It was fun working diligently Tada I’ve finished them! I made 7 of them I will now put them in my lunchbox Putting them into a big tub this time Diligently putting them in neatly I’ll put the leftovers inside here as well Tada I’ve placed all of them inside. The vegetable pancake we made earlier will also go inside Cutting it to eat better Also making a salad Putting lettuce and tomatos into a container If you add dressing, fast and simple salad complete Complete! All day i ate, laid down, and ate again…Wrapping up my daily Sunday of eating