Hi WayLanders~ This is Way~ Today, I’m trying to tell you about my self-management. I’ll be talking about my exercise, nails, and hair. Recently I started working out again. But how I do it is, I do it in slightly special? unique? way In a way.. Somehow like an Idol? So I’m working out and when I was an Idol, I was exercising naturally somehow. Since I had to dance every day to practice. But now I’m mainly focusing on Youtube so my physical activity has clearly decreased. So I applied the things I used to do before and having fun doing it. I’m gonna show you how. I have something that I always carry to eat before I work out (Proud)
It’s this one. It’s a thing called “L-Argimax Active” If I eat this, how should I say it.. Should I say I can focus well on the workout? I was also sitting down in the company before I came here.. (Tired)
I’m kinda.. Feeling tired, too. That’s why I must, MUST! Eat this before the workout. If you starting working, sometimes women kind of feel like your skin is losing elasticity, right? You know what I mean, right? The feeling of your body is losing elasticity? I heard during the training that it’s because of the body oxidation. That’s why if you’re having high-intensity exercise, I heard it’s really good to apply antioxidation cosmetics or eat antioxidation nutritional supplements. When my friend who’s also working out saw me eating this, they said that the “Acerola” ingredient is good for antioxidation and it’s quite famous for it. So I’ll be working out without losing my skin elasticity and keep it tight~ (Power-up) (Gulp gulp) Since I’m powered up now, shall I start working out?! I first lend a practice room that’s near our company. Usually, there’s a lot of practice room that runs 24hours. If you go to the gym, it’s hard to ignore other people’s glances even if you want to exercise alone, right? But if you lend a practice room, you have the whole room to yourself. Those times during daytime or dawn when there are no people- Of course, there are no people..(since I lent it) The one thing I always do is abdominal exercise. You need to have a strong abdominal strength to sing and dance well. Since it’s the center core of our body. (Doing abdominal exercise) In the short interlude, I’ll tell you my dance practice tip! So I lend a practice room and dance as much as I want. Among the girl group songs, I pick really active songs. Recently I’m dancing HIP by Mamamoo. That and I also dance CrayonPop songs. How I dance is, since it’s a workout, I dance as much as I want! Since no one is watching me, I dance wildly and overdo the actions while dancing. CrayonPop’s song Bar Bar Bar is a really good song for the thigh workout. (Thighs) (Exploding) If you overdo the actions like this, I feel like I used all of my muscles so even if you don’t do aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise separately.. (Breath) Muscle exercise is.. (Breath) done automatically! For example like the song ‘HIP’ by Mamamoo, (Way’s workout method- Overdo the actions) (Breathless)
Everyone… I.. Danced really hard.. Woah.. Does my face look like the swelling is gone? My face looks slim, right? The power of exercise after all! I’ll be eating the L-Argimax Active that I always bring once more. Because I have more things to do when I get home and if I don’t eat this I might faint out. I like it because if I eat this I kinda feel satisfied just like I ate snacks. To prevent muscle loss, I ate one more~ Remember that product I ate before and after exercising? I will explain a little more about this product. If you look at the box, the ingredients are Arginine, Taurine, Carnitine, Acerola extraction powder, and Amino acid. It contains all the elements that people who exercise takes. But it may be different for every individual so please check the ingredients before taking it. This product seems to work well for me, so I try to take it every day. The next one is, my nails! Look at this! It’s really pretty, right? To do this, it takes about 2-3 hours. But recently I found a place where they do it very quickly and you can paste nail pieces without limit. It’s limitless and it only costs 75,000 won (64 USD)
(100% authentic Swarovski) That’s why I attached many pieces on my nails. But the bad thing about this shop is that it’s in an isolated place so it’s hard to find. And for those who like private shops because they don’t like other people sitting next to them, This place isn’t really big so I think there were only about 4 seats Anyways it’s small but not a private shop. So I received them like this. It’s really pretty, right? I really like it~ Guys~ I’m on my way to get my nail done. You can see my nails are broken, right? And some of them are detached. And I cut some of the nails here because it was broken. That’s why today I’m going to get my nails done~ It’s hard to choose.
(Choosing which style to do at the nail shop) This and,
(Choosing which style to do at the nail shop) (Choosing which style to do at the nail shop) that and..
(Choosing which style to do at the nail shop) The pearl? Staff: I think the first one from our shop is the best (Proud) Right? I also saved this first haha I’ll just pick this one. Lastly, I’m going to talk about my hair now. After dyeing my hair pink, so many people asked me where did I dye my hair and how do I manage them. To those questions, I’ll share some of my useful tips. The reason I decided to do pink hair is, there’s another Youtuber in our company and she had a fancy hair at that time. And she said she dyed her hair 14 times recently. But she told me that her hair is not damaged at all. That’s why I asked her, “Where is that place?” and ran there at once. The root of my hair has grown so much and the color has worn off from pink to yellow. So I’m here to dye my hair pink again
(It’s her 2nd visit already) (Bleaching the hair root..) (Going pink again) (Slapping her face with hair) So what treatment do they do? They use a treatment called “Rapunzel treatment” They apply the treatment and lock the treatment in the hair with a hair straightener Anyways it was very interesting If you are curious about it, it would also be good to consult them about it. The place is called “Bay By HeoSeulGi” in Hongdae area I really liked that place, because everyone was really really friendly. And I also like it because my hair is not damaged at all. For the hair product that I’m using, I introduced it in my previously uploaded “Must-have item” video so you can check it there. And I’ll also share a useful tip that I found when I was working as an Idol. This can be done by anyone without buying hair products. When I went to the beauty salon called ‘Soonsoo’, I kept my hair blond for almost 1 year. So I worried a lot about my hair, and they told me a tip. It’s making a natural hair treatment by yourself. The ingredients are banana and honey, that’s all. So buy a banana and crush it on a bowl, add some honey and mix well. Then it becomes like a treatment with grains. So mix it until it becomes smooth like that. After washing your hair, when the hair is still wet and you’re about to use the hair treatment, apply that natural hair treatment that you made. You can also wear a shower cap or something and wait about 10 minutes And if you rinse it, it feels really great. Here’s sliced banana, and I prepared honey, too. I’ll be mixing them. Then you crush it with the spoon.
(It doesn’t have to be a spoon) (Shake it and mix it~♬) Hmm~ it smells so good. So, everyone, I washed my hair and I only wiped it with the towel. Just like this. Then I’ll be only applying this at the tip of my hair. It feels like it’s soft already. I rinsed it off now. When rinsing it, don’t just use warm water but also use hair treatments or conditioner because if you don’t, the banana chunk will stick on your hair and it’s hard to remove with just water. And I also suggest applying at the tip of your hair and avoid applying near the scalp. For me, I added a little bit of conditioner to prevent static electricity. Certainly, I could feel the difference after doing the treatment. For those who really want to try natural methods, I recommend this treatment. Well guys, today I shared some of my self-management! It’s kinda funny how I spend 2-3 hours on the nails and dye my hair despite how it damages my hair. But there was a time I was also tired of all these self-management. Our group wasn’t that fancy styled Idol but.. Still, we had to spend a lot of time with uncomfortable clothes and heavy makeup. I totally had that stage of ennui about decorating myself. At some point decorating myself became a job and it was just for others so I wasn’t happy anymore. After realizing that, I just left only simple clothes like comfortable and durable clothes that I can wear for a long time. I also barely did makeup and dyed my hair all the time. Cutting my hair was so bothering and it also felt like a job, so once I cut my hair by myself. I just lived every day without bothering about self-management. Of course, there is a good side to living like this. But spending a lot of time like that, I felt like I’m slowly disappearing I didn’t take selfies, so I had no memories left. And I’m still young.. That’s why I thought about the past. “How was I like before?” Before, I really enjoyed decorating myself. Because I did it for self-satisfaction. That’s when I changed my mind and thought, “This time let’s do it just for myself” Then I started to feel like dyeing my hair and get my nails done again. You only live once and when I started living how I want without minding other people’s glances, life became so much fun! Since it’s 2020 and one of my goals this year is to be healthier and live full of energy. So before January is ended, I shared some of my self-management. I hope everyone will also spend a lively and full of energy day. If you’re watching it at night, then have a good night haha If you liked today’s video, Don’t forget to Subscribe and Like
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