Ok the second half ONEGAISHIMASU (Game on) It is already like the Niagars Falls Is there any left-right difference by individual?
– Yes Some say the left foot was more painful than the right one
– Oh really I have a feeling that the right foot is more painful
– Oh yes? Look forward to it Oh yes, it’s ITAI!!! ITTAAA (painful) !!!
– It’s painful after all ITAI as I imagined It’s fun!! ITAAA! 😀 ITA You are sweating like the Niagara Falls
– AHHH Hmm. ITAI, yes it’s SUGOI (super). ITTA! SUGOI (super) ITAI… I feel like I am getting pricked with a needle Japanese Lesson:
ATATATATATA=Omaewa Mou Shindeiru Oops, sorry I slipped Uh… somehow it hurts but feels good
– Really? That’s good Uh, with that, I feel better, bearable Let’s do it seriously. I have been joking around Legitimate reflexologists will be furious when they watch this They go “there is another TV show reflexology!” They go like “keep it real!”
– Yes After knowing this pain, I might not be satisfied with a soft pressure Yes, there are quite a few people like that Wow. Sugoi (awesome).
– Uh, I didn’t use this stick today Not so painful as it sounds No, well, it depends but not so painful Oh! That was painful!
– Yes? The pain… Ah, that side is painful Is that a big toe?
– Yes it is AH ITAI!! The big toe is so ITAI!! Uh I can’t even say the reflex zone’s name Ah, this is around cerebellum And around trigeminal nerve
– AH ITAI!! I see. The big toe is related to brain and head Yes Head region The rest of the toes are eyes and ears?
– Yes, you are learning well Thanks to your videos
– Thank you very much I am learning from them
– Sometimes it is not accurate, though No no no… Yes, people who know about reflexology can point out what is not right
– Are you serious? Wow. The sound! AHHHHH! AH, it is painful there! It’s ear
– AHHH!! It’s ear? My ears are weak
– Oh really? ITAI ITAI ITAIITAI ITAI!! ITAI YABAI (no good) Ok now it’s time off OHHH!!
– No, it is not time off I thought it wasn’t so painful here Ah, there… Sometimes I feel pain when I am just walking
– Really? Around the area This area?
– It’s painful there. What was there? It’s bronchi or…
– Bronchi? Bronchi
– Bronchi? OHOHOHOHOHO YABAI (not good) And this area is thyroid Thyroid… That area is…ok Ok? OHHHHHHHHH!!! It’s here. It’s bronchi It seems my bronchi isn’t good Seems like. Do you smoke?
– Yes, I do Is that why? AH!! It is shoulder joint where you felt so painful on the left foot I heard a Gori (crunchy) sound Hmm, but… yes, painful!! It was painful!! I thought I was okay but it was painful!! I am surprised with the shoulders, though
– Yes? ITTA!! This is trapezius around here Trapezius and shoulder joint ITAI
– It’s lung around here If you are a smoker, it shows…
– Yes?… ITAI… ITAI!!! Smokers tend to have pain here You look like you are headbanging
– Yes, I feel like I am at a live concert “Ooo Weee, do it one more time for me” AH ITAI! OH!! This is…
– OHH!!! That’s something! Liver here
– Liver? ITAI… ITAI… ITAI… AH… ITAI… ITAI… ITAI… AH… AH ITAI! AGGG It is relaxing there We need time off But it looks like pain is appearing OH… This isn’t so painful as it looks Maybe OHHH… OHHH… It is working widely
– It is… From stomach area… to small and large intestines This is not a strong pressure It is a gentle pain It turned so red, though AH… that’s the ace Oops, sorry What is there?
– There is a sleeping point here Good for lack of sleep And here is genital gland generally
– Oh I see And here… hmm… this can be painful This is lower back
– Yes, I feel it So this improves lower back? Hmm… yes… Sometimes, instantly Some people experience that You need to continue…
– Hmm… yes… It really depends and can’t guarantee 😀 It’s painful there Instantly… or Sometimes you feel easier right after Keep pressing painful spots for five minutes…
– AHAHAHA!! Was it all lower back?
– Yes Oh really?
– This area Under this bone, around here
– AH it’s ITAI… Hmm… It’s coming! It’s coming!!! That’s something AH SUGOI (super), ITTA!! I pressed too hard… AHHH… It doesn’t look so painful here This is prostate Ah, but there is something. ITAI!! OH SUGOI(super) OH SUGOI AHHH I SEE AHHH!!! I see. OH!.. OH!… OHHH!!! SUGOI (WOW) It is still a waterfall SUGOI (super) waterfall I feel all my toxins are coming out Yes, this is something! Sugoi (super), I am speechless It slides so well without oils I wouldn’t want to watch this episode LOL Some people watch videos before sleeping, right? This video would awake them instead This video doesn’t make people sleepy This video would be very stimulating They may have a nightmare This may appear in their dream Something bushy…
– Bushy and long hairs A strange guy appears in your dream YABAI (not good) This is the last scene
– ONEGAISHIMASU SUGOI (super) It isn’t so bad this side It is right shoulder Shoulder… arm I mean It was really bad on the left foot Yes, the left foot’s arm looked very painful And here is… HIZA (knee) Ah, it’s painful AHH… OHHHH!!! This looks more painful This is testicle AHH… ITAI… ITAI… AHH… AHH AHH… It’s painful around there AHH!!! There, it’s SUGOI!! (super) SUGOI!! SUGGOI (suuuper) Ah… what’s there? Here is testicle… or coccyx, lower back
– coccyx… Hmm something is here
– AHHH!! ITAI!!!
– I feel something is here yes, waterfall No need creams so much I am very cheap
– Yes cheap feet Yeah, this is amazing!
– Yes, this is I never thought I would sweat like this Yes… indeed It feels good 🙂 Throat Feels good 🙂 That’s amazing Kotsu Kotsu (bone hitting sound) This is the last… Hmm… I feel better now Pains turn into pleasurable Oh yes? ARIGATOUGOZAIMASU!!
(Thank you very much!!)