Literally, Outlet is not really a place for men. But our little hapiness could be sitting on a massage chair and thinking of money that goes away. Hello! Welcome to ‘Ter V Thai’. I am Ter. Today, we are at Central Village. The Chinese name is 尚泰奥特莱斯购物村 It takes only 15 mins from Suvarnabhumi Airport to here and about 45 mins from the center of Bangkok. They have free shuttle bus service that is different from other outlets’ in EU, US, and Japan where you have to pay for the service. But here you don’t need to pay. If you are at the airport, you can also find the service or you can use airport railing train from the airport to here. If you are in the city center, you can find the services at Udomsok BTS Station as well as Central World. The area here is around 40,000 sqm. covered by various facilities such as VIP Lounge restaurants including Laem Charoen Seafood, Nara And the food zone here is Food Village. The concept of this place is the first luxury outlet in Thailand. But compared to the outlets in EU, US or Japan, the luxury brands here are not as high-end as there. However, there are lots of Thai brands here along with brands from many other countries. There are more than 130 brands here. A moment ago, I asked some information from a staff. She said that in order to sell in this outlet, sellers should give discount at least 35% for each product. For how to come here and the 130 brands that I mentioned earlier, you can get the information in the website below. Alright, I will take you to see what’s inside. Let’s go! The first thing you should do when arriving here is to get the discount coupons at the tourist service area. If you take the free bus, you can also come to the area for the coupons as it is where the bus stops. You will see a guy, but he may not be there all the time. He can speak Chinese and will give information about the promotions. The early pages will let you know all the discounted products. Take this paper to Food Village to make ‘The One Card’ which actually is the member card of Central Group. If you already have it, you can take it to use here in order to get a bit more discount. If you come here either before you flight or right after you land, you may have your luggages with you. Good news is you can find the storage service here. It’s not free, it’s secured for your belongings. The price is, for small bag, 30 baht/hour for big bag, 50 baht/hour. And if you want the whole day service for that, a small bag is 180 baht, a big one is 300 baht. So it depends on how long you’ll be here. Now I’m at Cos Marché which sells many cosmetic products as well as skin care. It’s a little bit awkward for a man to introduce cosmetics, so I will talk in the business perspective. This shop belongs to SSUP GROUP, the leading company for beauty and health in Thailand. SSUP has 4 brands, three of which are Thai brands including Oriental Princess, Cute Press, and LALIL. Another brand is a Korean brand which is Bisous Bisous. Cos Marché has all its products here with discounts of more than 35%. If you buy the same products in the city center, you will get only 5% to 10% discount, and you must be the member first or meet the minimum purchase. But here, you will get at least 35%. Like this little deer eyeshadow of Cute Press. And the hand cream products. Ok Ok. I want to finish my… This one. After eating hot pot and get smelly, use this one And they also compliment with this one too… don’t know what it’s called. It is… a small drawstring bag. The one of Oriental Princess that my wife wants to buy is a nail brush. The full price is 95 baht. And after discount, it’s only 61.75 baht. Good price!! This one is a body spray. After eating hot pot or food with strong smell, you can use this one to deodorize. After discount, it is only 198.25 baht/bottle. It’s the best price you can ever find in Thailand. Okay okay. Okay okay okay. Let’s move. Let’s move. All right. Let’s conclude again here. If you like the brands under SSUP, this shop will be your best choice. Because discounts here are up to 35% and they don’t require any minimum purchase. And if your purchase exceeds 1,200 baht (after discount), you will receive a gift set from the shop. Okay. Let’s move on to the next shop. Naraya (a Thai brand for handbags) is a brand that most people like to buy when visiting Thailand. Here, you can have 20% to 50%, and it is the only Naraya store in Thailand that gives discount. Am I right? Yes And there are some staff who can speak Chinese. So if you have any questions, just ask them in Chinese. Just now, I heard from the staff that some people spend more than 100K baht on products here. Some products here may be different from ones in the city center, but for discounted products, you can only find them here. Currently, I am at the outlet of CLUB 21. We often see a variety of clothes brands sold in the mall. This shop is also one of the outlet of CLUB 21 in Thailand. Not all brands here are the same with ones in the city, but you still can find Armani Exchange, Diesel Blackbarrett or Paul Smith. Here you can find clothes, costumes, accessories, high-heel shoes, hats. I just picked 3 Diesel shirts and let the staff tell me the price. The first price and let’s see the price after discount. Here please. Kindly make it slowly. 18,500 plus 17,500. Ohh it’s 36,000 already plus 11,900 more becomes 47,900 (Look good..Look good) Why? This is what a typical model does. Oh no.. A model should be like this. All right, now I am Levi’s shop. You may have found online that Levi’s has its Factory Outlet. So what are the differences? The first one is, the discount here is up to 60%. Normally, products are shipped directly from the factory, but products here are from Central, and they are selected by the outlet. So there are more products here than in the Factory Outlet. Come and check out more at this Levi’s Outlet. And now I am at Vintel store, a Thai brand. The brand is a new brand. Running for just 4 years. Previously, they did businesses related to beddings. The special thing is that they use bamboo pulp to make the bamboo fabric. Vintel specifically makes pajamas. Pajamas for women. What’s special about this store, even though it’s in the outlet, is that some products here can’t be found in other stores. If you want to buy Thai beddings or pajamas that are specifically made from bamboo pulp, come and check out this store. Now I am at Sabina This outlet literally suits women than men. Many people like to buy Wacoal’s underwear when coming to Thailand because Wacoal has its own factory in Thailand making its price really competitive But today, I would like to recommend Sabina. because they have their stores in almost every supermarket. This brand is really exceptional, Here is the second outlet of Sabina. Its first outlet is in Muang Thong Thani. But Muang Thong Thani fits local people rather tourists. Therefore, if you want to buy Sabina’s products in the best price, come and check out this outlet. Like the one I am holding here is priced at only 290 baht. And you can find a lot more. Like the underpants is only 100 baht or some sets are just 350 baht. And the products here are discounted up to 50%. For men watching this video and want to know how to pick underwear, you can inbox to ask me. For men watching this video how to take off bra with just one hand, you can also inbox me. Now I am at VIP Lounge. How can I get here? You just shop for 20,000 baht. Then bring the receipt here. You can use it for 1 day. But if your purchase reaches 200,000 baht, You will get a certificate which can be used to get here for 1 year. You can bring one person with you for 1 certificate. And what are provided here? Here has WIFI, electricity socket, power bank for you to charge your phone as well as some beverage such as coffee, fruit juice. And on weekends, there will be Thai traditional snacks provided. There are also massage chairs. When you’re tired after shopping or after you shop over 20,000 baht already, you can come and relax. This video kinda covers so many things. Hope you get some good information for your consideration to come here. If anyone wants to come, please share your ideas with us what’s interesting here. And if you like our video and want to know more about Thailand, don’t forget to subscribe and share our channel. Today let’s end by now. And I’ll see you again. Bye bye!