Jack took three buses and three ships in two days and two nights. Finally arrived in Bohol Island from Legazpi, Luzon. It is the tenth largest island in the Philippines. There are many foreign tourists on the island. There are also many Chinese tourists. I went out for a Filipino meal as soon as I got here. How does it taste? And then I got a haircut. Was the result terrible? Hi. I’ve arrived in Bohol. It is actually a Small towns Which there are many tourists. Lots of foreign tourists. Arrived here at about 12 noon. Maybe because of the past two days. I didn’t have a good meal. So we left our luggage at the accommodation and went out to look for food. When I went out, I was attracted by the small restaurant opposite. If you want to experience the most authentic local cuisine. Then you must choose an authentic restaurant. The main customers are local people. Not tourists. That’s the rule I always follow. We’re going to have Filipino food. oh soup vegetable soup coconut This is fried chicken. This is 40 pesos ($0.8). This is 15 pesos ($0.3). one this and one this Philippines food we love Philippines food This is a meal in Bohol Island. There are two soups. One meat, one vegetable and two rice. It’s only about$2.2 So it’s very cheap to eat at a local restaurant. Only$2.2 hello This soup has eggplant and beans. And papaya. And a kind of potatoes. Taste Good. It’s good. This vegetables soup is also good. This is It’s kind of like pig’s feet, but it’s not. A big piece of meat anyway. It only costs 40 pesos ($0.8). It’s cheap. Then I think it is very suitable for Chinese taste. Especially from the South China. It’s delicious. Also this. This vegetable is also mixed together. It seems to have added fish sauce. It suits my southern Chinese taste very well. Not only is this meal cheap, And it’s really delicious. I think the taste of Filipino food here. Like southern Chinese palate. Mainly salty and fresh, this kind of taste is very delicious. This is not the first time I have eaten Filipino food. I’ve eaten several times. If you look up the taste of Filipinos on the Internet, Then the answer comes out. Metropolis says they like sour and sweet. But the Filipino food I’ve been eating The taste is mainly salty. Including several famous fast food chains. And the local restaurants. There is a characteristic of Filipino food. There’s a lot of meat to choose from. Vegetables are not often available. It shows how much Filipinos like meat. They also like rice very much. Eat breakfast with rice. Eat fried chicken with rice. Roast chicken with rice. It is fortunate that The restaurant has a good selection of vegetables. I want to do the haircut, ok? what is the style? I want to be short aha? be short be short yeah OK? be short yeah, be short base on this and short Don’t understand You don’t understand? I don’t I mean short is ok short short yeah, short short this side yeah (Nod) The barber doesn’t seem to get my point. I said cut it short. And communicated for a long time. He seems to understand a little. And now I don’t know how he will cut it for me? Where are you from? China China? yeah Will you recognize yourself? I will. I think it’s OK. How many years have you run this barbershop? this barbershop this barbershop? How many years me? yeah Only 2 months 2 months Go go market oh I… 18 years 18 years barber 18 years yeah You do the haircut 18 years new barbershop oh When I talk to the barber, he stops to answer me. He can’t answer me while cutting my hair. It shows that he is very attentive. He doesn’t do two things at once. understand English a little bit Good enough It is good enough Many Filipino know English Yes Only Visayas Tagalog oh Visayas is a local language? aha? Visayas speak here right? Visayas, yeah oh local language You mean in China what’s barber? How much? How much for haircut? oh, if in the big city Do you know Shenzhen? Beijing do you know Beijing? Beijing yeah Do you know Beijing Shanghai? If do a haircut in Beijing or Shanghai I think maybe Maybe like 150 pesos 150 yeah Very expensive Just haircut no other no other yeah I cut this? I cut this? here yeah ok here yeah ok yeah cut, yes also cut It’s time to see his skills. Yes I thought he was going to cut my bangs. The skill of a barber cutting bangs represents his overall skill I have been Philippines more than half month First time do the haircut OK? Want more short? yes, I want more short, 0K? I was a little nervous when the barber cut my bangs. But I was relieved to see him cut my bangs off. This should be talcum powder. Very handsome now Thank you You did well job So handsome now Handsome, more handsome Wabu Wabu Visayas Wabu Wabu Wabu What do you mean? Guabu What do you mean? In English handsome handsome Is it because he applied talcum powder to my face that I feel whiter? I’m sure. I mean is this barbershop yours? yours? is yours? Are you the boss? I mean the barbershop is yours? He doesn’t understand. yeah He gives me a good massage now. OK OK OK thank you You did a good job Do you think my hair was terrible? No, it’s fine. I think so. He said that he had worked for 18 years. Isn’t that right? Did I hear it wrong? Anyway, I feel that the barber has been doing this business for a long time. So I’m glad the haircut is not bad. I think the haircut is worth. Because it’s only 50 pesos. That is about$1 $1. It’s hard to find a barbershop for this price in China And the service is very good. With a massage. And put some powder on you face. Anyway, the experience is quite good. Moto for rent No thank you The barber takes his time. Cut slowly Very serious. Cut for 20 minutes. It’s not a complicated haircut. It’s just cut short. If in China. It’s gonna be 10 minutes at the most. Thank you attentive barber Next episode Jack will go to see the chocolate hills and the world’s smallest monkey. Not like this Fifty-fifty four Tickets for two people So many pieces. Five pesos for a small piece. I finally reached the top. We’re already at the observation deck. There are not many people now. Chocolate hills ahead But the weather is not very good now. The farther ones are in the shadows. Hey, stop. He honked. The little tarsier. It was very calm to see so many people taking pictures. They should be used to being models there.